It’s another session in our Scotch-Soaked 60s Screening Room, where we look back at the days when women dressed cutely even to visit shifty pawn shoppers in Harlem.


This week’s episode:
Pan Am – “One Coin in a Fountain”


First off, a big rally towel wave for Anthony’s assessment of how to improve Pan Am (golf claps seem a bit too restrained for his post; plus, I’ve never been a restrained, dignified clapping type of gal). Totally on-point, and makes me long for the series as he would write it. In fact, given the discussions all the YKYLF staff have been having, there might need to be an alternate You Know You Love Fashion channel where we rewrite all our favorite shows. Case in point: Ringer would become known solely as Murder Trunk. Also, all shows would have 75% more shirtless men.

Anyway. Right. The show I’m supposed to be talking about. It’s all about Monte Carlo this week: fast cars, cute men, casinos, and a little inter-stewardess rivalry for good measure. It’s all fun and games until someone sleeps with the Vice President’s mistress – y’know, as one does. If you are the 1960s equivalent of Nate Archibald, that is.

Blue sweater, perfect hair, bland personality, remarkably poor taste in women? Yeah, Dean is definitely the 1960s version of Nate. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn Dean is actual Nate and Trip’s uncle – just look at that hair.


And who is the lovely lady leading our fine young pilot astray? This toothy, oddly modern-looking lady.

She is definitely not a mistress or call girl. You can tell because she in no way, shape or form wears a wardrobe inspired by Holly Golightly.


Nope. Not even remotely. Those black gloves are not reminiscent of anyone’s favorite party girl. To suggest otherwise is absurd.


And this red jacket and fur hat isn’t even slightly similar to– wait, I’m sorry. I confused this still of Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard with a screencap from this episode.


As I was saying, And this red jacket and fur hat isn’t even slightly similar to anything worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Clearly, there were no indications that Ginny was anything other than a very well-paid secretary.


Although, credit where credit is due, she does have a fabulous collection of coats. How can you not love a woman with a great coat wardrobe?


When it comes to great wardrobes, ingenue Laura has more than her fair share (when is she going to start loaning some of it to our darling Colette?). She had the lion’s share of costume changes this week, although we didn’t get a guest appearance by the bunny slippers.

I love how much yellow Laura wears, 1) because I clearly have a yellow fixation, and 2) because it’s so perfect for her naive sweetness. Whenever we can’t see her feet, I just assume she’s wearing those damn bunny slippers. Why wouldn’t she?


I am not a fan of this dress for so, so many reasons. The color, the fact that it has giant wrinkles across the front, the weird thing it does to her torso … it is just not a good look on the otherwise darling Laura.


Worse yet, her wardrobe choices mimick – and I shudder to say this – Ted’s wardrobe. Here’s what he’s wearing in the scene with her:

Much as it pains me to say this, it is not a coincidence that Laura and Ted are wearing matching chevron designs. They echo each other’s wardrobes throughout the episode, which can only mean one thing: she’s going to let him fly the friendly skies.


I had the same look on my face as Laura does here when I realized that all signs point to a Laura/Ted relationship. It’s hard to see in this picture, but Ted’s tie is polka dotted. I’m actually a fan of his sport coat, if it were worn by someone a little more … I don’t know, Goran Visjnic-y.

Love Laura’s outfit, though. I imagine she stood in front of her closet wondering what Grace Kelly or Tippi Hendren would wear to track down a pawned ring. 


The answer: an adorable polka dot wiggle dress. I was sold on the dress before I saw the hat, but the hat makes the whole look a million times more awesome.



I know Laura’s intent on “doing the right thing” when it comes to getting the ring back to her ex, but she should know that part of doing the right thing is not showing up looking as adorable as she does. The least she could have done is forgotten to put on eye makeup, or maybe smudge some of her liner, or miss a button on her sweater. Something so that she doesn’t look so damned put together. It’s cruel to look this good when you’re returning an engagement ring to the man you left at the altar.


Ugh. I hate this dress, I hate the necklace, it’s all uniformly terrible. Laura, why must your wardrobe give me manic-depressive moodswings? One second I’m raving about the wonderfulness of your look, the next I’m thinking that your pearl necklaces remind me of those neck extenders worn by African tribes. Not okay. And you’re ever-so-slightly matching Ted again, which we really need to train you out of. Bad Pan Am stewardess! Bad. No first class service for you!


As for the other Cameron sister’s plot, it involves significantly more dapper men. Take, for example, her British spy liason. His tie matches his pocket square, he’s wearing a fedora, he’s wry … what more could you ask for in a man?

Other than a winning smile and appreciation for a woman who can sink an 8 ball, of course.


I believe it was Chekov who once said, “Once must not put a beautiful dress on stage if no one is thinking of wearing it.”

The dress on the mantlepiece in the first act.


The girls admiring the dress, with the same look of awe any of us would have while basking in its presence.


The dress being fired in the third act.

Kate’s about as close to Joan Holloway as you can get on this show. Love that they have the redhead in green, love the cut on her – and, of course, how can you not love a dress that comes with a matching cape?


And without the cape, Kate’s accessorized with a pin. Bra-vo. Kate might not get paid for her CIA duties, but I’m hoping she has the perk of an expense account, and further hoping this went on it as soon as the 700 francs left her clutch.


This, of course, is another perk. Hello, new boyfriend. I appreciate that, even though you’re wearing grey, you’ve kept things interesting with a striped tie and sparkling charm.


The episode was heavy on the Cameron sisters and light on YKYLF favorites Colette and Maggie. Here are our two glimpses of Colette out of uniform: 

I am not a fan of this drab olive dress on Colette. It’s nice enough, but a little too matronly for our favorite French stewardess. I would rather have seen her in either of the two sundresses worn by the extras. So much lighter, flirtier, Monte Carlo-appropriate.


All four girls, out on the town for a night in London. Again, Colette’s not wowing me with her wardrobe.

Kate, on the other hand, has clearly adapted her wardrobe to become an international woman of mystery … under the right circumstances. It’s a little femme fatale for a night on the town, but at least she’s not sticking out like a sore thumb the way she was last week. And as for Maggie, her whole outfit is made of win. The zebra top is saucy, the hot pink skirt is flirty and fun – on the whole, a solid showing from her. But then again, when doesn’t Maggie have a solid showing?


Even this kind of works. Sure, it’s a bit costumey, but let’s be honest: it’s Maggie. She’s in Monte Carlo. Why wouldn’t she be a bit costumey?

    It’s also worth noting that her wardrobe looks much more like something you’d see in North by Northwest or another contemporary classic, as opposed to Laura’s slightly more dated wiggle dress. It’s a difference of only a couple years, fashion-wise, but Maggie’s outfit has that hint of swinging 60s creeping in.     And, because it woudn’t be Pan Am if there weren’t some classic Ricci side-eye, here are some of my favorites from the episode. That girl has unparalleled eye-acting skills.

My thoughts exactly, Ms. Ricci. I hate making eggs too.


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