It’s Yom Kippur, which means it’s Cyrus’s turn to push breakfast foods on people (put your waffles away, Rufus). It’s also a nice reminder that we don’t get near enough Cyrus, because Cyrus is magic. Drama goes down between Blair and the royal family (shocker: Sophie wants total control over Blair’s baby). Serena triumphs in her quest to be the worst friend ever, Chivy is under Diana’s thumb, and Diana gets scooped by Gossip Girl, proving she has no idea what she’s getting into by competing with Gossip Girl. Also, Chuck tries to get with a therpaist, then decides to actually go to the therapist (who might be in cahoots with Louis, who also knows about the paternity test and why did everything good happen in the last 10 minutes, and why isn’t it the next episode with the bridesmaid trials yet?).

Party du Jour
It’s the break fast at the end of Yom Kippur, which means a room full of people who haven’t eaten in 24 hours fighting over smoked fish, toasted bagels, and the future heir to Monaco.

Best Line
Louis, to his mother: “It’s up to my child to acknowledge you.” Finally, the Prince becomes interesting.

Best Outfit
Serena’s teal sequined top was a frontrunner if for no other reason than we never see her in teal, but the title has to go for Chivy’s business-casual attire. The heels were killer and the whole look was far more office-appropriate than anything Serena’s ever worn. Plus, we can’t keep giving the title to Chuck. We just can’t.

Oh, where to begin … we’ve got Blair’s horrible high-waisted pants and floral top, Blair’s “I’m pregnant and being eaten by a peplum” dress, yet another skintight number from Liz Hurley, Dan appearing on TV in a wrinkled button-down, the Queen of Grey continuing to reign over her putty-colored dominion, Sophie’s lackluster grey floral dress – come on, you guys. It’s Yom Kippur. You’re supposed to atone for bad fashion choices.

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