I have decided that Ashley is my favorite. Her accent, her clothes, her hair. I’d like to be her, minus the crazy boss. Just look at this adorably flattering dress. Sure, it’s a conservative cut, but the yummy eggplant color is gorgeous.


And those shoes….I die! Actually, I might if I tried to walk in them. Perhaps she should lend them to me so I can practice.


Another example of her PLL-worthy hair. Seriously, this girl can pull off any look. 


We all love to hate Lydia, but it’s hard to hate her in this dress. Take note Victoria: the length, the form-fitting but not too tight action, the color: all age-appropriate and flattering. 



What? What is this outfit? It’s like she’s Stevie Nicks in a Victoria’s Secret runway show. I hope that’s a swimsuit on underneath, and not underwear. Cover yourself, woman!


While I may not advocate some of Lydia’s sartorial choices, her benefit dress was the episode standout for me. The train on the back was a little unnecessary but it made for an even more dramatic fight scene with Frank. BAM! POW!


Is there anyone more preppy than Nolan? I was fully expecting him to be sporting khakis with this sweater-button-down-polo combo but then he turns the corner wearing plaid shorts. His shirt is striped and his shorts are plaid–he may be giving Chuck Bass a run for his money in the pattern-matching department. 


In real life, Gabriel Mann is 39 years old. No that’s not a typo. 3-9. I swear he could pass for a 12 year old with this buttoned-up polo.


Nolan got cutely excited when Emily let him have a role in securing Emily’s identity. Aww, he just wants to be included! His wardrobe for a little B&E: a zip-up sweater hoodie under a sport coat. Way to be bad-ass Nolan…bad. ass. Here, have a swig from my sarcasm cup.


Jacks sports a pretty uninteresting wardrobe, but I’m loving on his field jacket. I hope we get to see him dress up a bit soon–I bet he looks delicious in a suit and tie. I hearby volunteer to evaluate said suit, when the time comes!


It’s nice to see “Billionaire Emily Thorne” looks just like the rest of us in the morning. Yoga pants, cami, perfectly coiffed hair and makeup…


The dress Emily wore to Victoria’s Tea of the Week was nothing special. A bit too formal and ladylike for a girl Emily’s age. The ruffled hem at the bottom adds in some fun, but overall it’s the type of dress Victoria should be wearing. Maybe Emily’s doing the whole “dress like the boss” routine in an attempt to get in V’s good graces?


Another benefit, another blah colored dress. I think she wore something like this last episode. And the episode before. Don’t get me wrong – this is a very pretty dress but I’m just not feeling it. Could Emily start taking some risks with her wardrobe?

Risky wardrobe or not, I CAN NOT wait for next week…I’m so addicted to this show! Who will Emily target next? I hope it’s Victoria’s stylist.