It’s another Champagne Sorrows Screening Room, which means it’s time for more rich people problems!

This week’s episodes
90210 – “Benefit of the Doubt”
Revenge – Dudes! We gave Revenge its own full recap. Yes, you (and we) love the Red Sharpie of Doom that much! It will be posted on Saturday.


Anywho, I feel like no one gives 90210 the appreciation it deserves. But, the TV gods must be watching, because this week was packing some star power. We saw Brandy last week and she’s back again this week gettin’ her political thang on. Kellie Pickler also pops in for a little country crooning sesh. While I’m not a huge country fan, KP is adorbs! In other news: Liam takes his shirt off, Annie may or may not be prostituting herself out (sort of), Dixon’s addiction is spiralling out of control and Naomi realizes her little crush on Austin is more than a little crush. 

Naomi wears swimwear like a 5 year old wears day-of-the-week underwear. Of course they’re not actually for swimming, but rather for sitting glamorously next to the water. 


I feel like Ivy is always dressed in the boho-kind-of-chic way, so it’s nice to see her in a bright pop of color and showing off her bangin’ bod. Way to ditch the copious amounts of fabric, Ives!


Adriana continues her parade of super cute sundresses as she goes to check in on our favorite ADD med junkie Dixon. Does she shop at some sort of Sundress ‘R Us? Is it the same one that Sookie shops at? If so, I need to find it! 


While emceeing the variety show benefit for Raj, Silver takes a conservative approach. The color is absolutely fab on her but it’s a fairly classic dress. I like when Silver adds a more creative touch to her ensembles (I’m saying ‘ensembles’ with a French accent. Go on, say it with me. It’s fun.), but I guess I can settle for this aytpical yet sumptuous green color. 


Brandy Marissa rocked an awesome blazer and bright pink pants last week, so it’s disappointing to see her in such neutrals. The print of her skirt is definitely interesting and the equestrian-inspired blazer is lovely, but let’s get some color on her. This is Miss Brandy we’re talking about, people!

And I sure hope her character gets more interesting then this soft-spoken advice-giver she seems to be. I can’t wait until this election gets under way and the bad-ass Brandy comes out! (Does Brandy have inner bad-ass? It seems like she should.)


Of course, only Naomi would be part of a variety show in full-on showgirl regalia. And I am in love with costume. If I had a crazy awesome Halloween party to go to this year, this would be my costume—well…with some modifications. I cannot wear something that low cut, but I digress.


Annie, Annie, Annie. What would your mother think of you? Actually, I can’t believe that she can’t even seem to get ahold of her mother. Who jets off to Paris when her two kids are supposed to be starting their first year of college and then doesn’t even return their calls? Oh, right…TV moms. Have you met Lily van der Humphrey?

Anyway, in her mother’s absence, Annie has to find ways to make some moolah. Has she taken this escort thing to another level? She’s making out with this old dude and I can’t decide whether she actually likes him or is she just using him for his money. There was some major cringing happening when this “special” moment occurred. ::shudder::


Please and thank you 90210 writers. We would like more of where this came from 🙂 


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