You voted, we listened. Due to its stellar approval rating, Revenge will now be featured in its very own recap! Enjoy!

Lydia’s back in town, and she’s onto Emily. Is it any surprise that she winds up getting TOTALLY MURDERED? Nolan is his usual awesome, planting whale-shaped USB hidden cameras all over the place. Unfortch, now he has Lydia’s death caught video. MURDER USB! Daniel gets cut off from his father’s money after he refuses to work for such a skeeze, and finds himself the newest bartender at Jack’s club. And he also makes up with Emily, and then they totally hook up! And in plotlines nobody cares about, Charlotte and Declan are arrested for speeding. 

Emily’s Target
Lydia. I know, Lydia’s already been on the receiving end of the RED SHARPIE OF DOOM, but she blew back into town just in time for a second (lethal) dose of REVENGE!!

Charity Gala of the Week
A gala to thank the Graysons for helping out the victims of that plane crash that THEY WERE TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR. Awkward. I’m not sure if Emily selected this charity for the event, but she certainly enjoyed watching Victoria’s reaction to this “honour.”

Best Dressed 
Emily’s white-gold strapless number was gorgeous, but I might have to give it to Lydia’s backless sequinned gown.

Most Soapy Moment
Victoria slaps Conrad! I’m crossing my fingers that every week I can have a SLAP COUNT. This week’s just the 1. But it’s a pretty great slap.


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