Episode Synopsis: Sutton is back and hell really hath no fury like a twin scorned. Especially when it’s her birthday. Even if that twin cooked up the whole scheme in the first place. Bitch is back and after a bus ride from Vegas to Pheonix, I bet she’s super bitchy. Amongst the rest of Pheonix’s upper crust, Shifty Alec is asking a lot of favours from Nikolas Cassadine Officer Dan, and that includes hauling Derek in before he can make nice with Char. Justin’s got a secret and while he may really love Laurel, something tells me that bracelet he gave her is going to break her heart. Mads just wants a normal family, but Thayer is pretty sure his dad is still up to no good – because even the best liars slip and give away a detail about their spying trips to LA. And before Sutton and Emma can expose the whole switcheroo to friends and family, Sutton is headed for the bottom of a lake and Emma and adopted mom are face to face with bio mom.


Birthday breakfasts and birthday wishes start the birthday off right. So I can’t blame Emma for wishing to stick around town. Who wouldn’t want to be able to coordinate the nightgowns with their bedroom?

Forget waffles in bed and a cute boyfriend sneaking through the window, I bet that level of coordination never happened in her Vegas foster home. 


But what to wear when you’re planning on telling your twin sister’s parents that you’re not really their daughter? 

Oh, I know, how about your twin’s expensive clothing, jewellery and purse.

Seriously Emma? If ever there were a time for jeans, this would have been it. Also, your accessorizing should have been the giveaway that you’re not Sutton: the giant gold necklace with the gold chain on the belt? One or the other kiddo. One or the other. 


Of course, I will cut Emma a little bit of a break for two reasons: the red dress (sans chastity-style belt with chain and lock) and the black peep toes are effing fabulous. And this is where she comes from:

I dig you Lexi, I do. And I want someone to buy you a bus ticket to Pheonix so we can see more of you. But the crochet vest? It’s no wonder Emma sometimes gets confused by the bounty that is Sutton’s closet. It’s a closet that even Sutton appreciates – and she seems to appreciate very little in her wealthy, pampered life. 


Laurel, on the other hand, is still the queen of the tasteful accessorizing in my books. She never has too much. It’s too bad her highwaisted shorts and bodysuit outfit, which coordinates with her necklace, were inspired by a leprachaun. She’s even leaping like one of those little lucky dudes. 

She’s after your lucky charms, Justin. Also, way to leap in wedges Laurel. That is not a move for amateurs. 


Meanwhile, across town, Char is once again floating in the pool in yet another bikini from her extensive collection.

For a girl who spends so much time lying in the sun, I will give her props: she doesn’t look like she’s burnt to a crisp, so I guess that means she’s got her sunscreen on. Golf claps for setting a good example Char. 


Although, I’ve got to question your two-week old love of Derek. I know you’re sweet on him, but if cops hauled my boyfriend away, I don’t know that I would go do my hair and accessorize before heading downtown to plead his case. 

Or maybe I would. Her dress is pretty cute and she even had some kind of bejewelled brooch that you can’t see in this picture. Plus, taking her time to primp shows at least a little detachment from Derek. Which is a good thing, because her recent relationship had me concerned she was headed towards Lifetime Movie territory. I didn’t trust Derek and a relationship based on blackmail from your friend’s shifty dad? That’s just not cool.


Neither is the Miss America style hair she seems to be working sometimes.

Keep the pink sequined mini dress Char, but lose the bumpit. 


The other party going ladies were also looking lovely for the Sutton birthday bash. Mads totally looked like a sparkly version of her ballerina self.


And Laurel? Like a 16 year old with a nice dress at a fancy party. She accessorizes by making the best and most over the top faces in every given situation.

However, if anyone on the staff of The Lying Game decides Laurel needs to rebel, please just don’t let it be in the key of Jenny Humphrey? I don’t need another adorbs little sister ditching her cute clothes for kinderwhore inspired rags and heavy eyeliner. 


And the twin reunion? Not nearly as friendly as the first time they met ten episodes ago.


Sutton’s bitchface says: 1) yes, I just made out with your boyfriend, and 2) I accessorize so much better than you. She wore the hell out of birthday dress.


Too bad the cute dress is headed for the bottom of the lake – because this is the last we saw of Sutton.


At least she was trying to gasp for air…so I bet this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Sutton Mercer. Although, I wonder if that’s maybe what Emma is wishing for as her real birthday wish.

No, I’m sure she’s just wishing that the dry cleaner will be able to save the dress that Sutton was wearing. Because if Sutton doesn’t die and if they ever patch up this relationship, she can totally borrow it sometime. 


When I started recapping The Lying Game, I had no idea how much it was going to suck me in. But you guys? Mondays have totally become a favourite TV night thanks to this show and Sutton’s Magical Closet. Which is why I’m stoked for the new episodes coming in January. Between that and new PLL, it’s totally going to be happy birthday to me from ABC Family!

I hope they answer some questions for me, because I’ve got a ton. Like, What’s bio mom going to say? How can Ted and shifty Alec cover this one up? Who the hell was in the back seat of Sutton’s car? Why is Char determined to dress at least ten years older than she really is? Why didn’t Sutton just step on the brakes? And will we ever learn more about Sutton’s lying games from before she switched places with Emma?