This shortened recap originally appeared on 10/14/11 as part of our “Champagne Sorrows” Screening Room series

This week, Emily is torn between the man she “loves” and her super hot boy in plaid. Being filthy rich and ridiculously good looking sure is hard!


Emily and Daniel (Emily’s faux bf) seem to be getting along rather well, looking fab while playing tennis and doing what young rich kids in faux love do. That is, until Daniel’s BFF Tyler steps in. Tyler sabotages their relationship and steals Daniel’s phone in an effort to keep them apart. I can’t figure out if Tyler secretly has a crush on Daniel or has other ulterior motives.




Emily decides to attend the mother-daughter tea (sans mother) to support Victoria’s charity. Little does she know, Emily has swapped the heart-warming video that was supposed to play with an expose of the ladies of the Hamptons. As Victoria watches the ladies-who-lunch crowd spilling their guts, she flips her lid and threatens to destroy the doctor. Doc gets kidnapped that night and thrown in a storage container, and Victoria is the number one suspect for the kidnapping. Well played, Emily.

Emily’s dress had the potential to be totally adorable but there was something about the cut that wasn’t flattering about it. Could this be the perfect maternity dress? Or just a dress that is holding a lot of secrets?




Victoria gets a visit from the FBI for questioning regarding her therapist’s disappearance. Ashley gets brought into the mix to help think of other suspects. Lucky for Ashley, the only thing she’s charged with is looking too fabulous. Seriously. I want that dress NOW. I won’t even get started on her hair… sigh.




Anyway, Daniel catches Emily having dinner with megababe Jack, and Daniel and Tyler decide to drown their sorrows. So where do they go? Jack’s bar. They chat up some charming ladies while playing pool, but are soon kicked out. Tyler takes Daniel home and claims he is sober and somehow, Ashley believes him. WHAT IS YOUR DEAL, TYLER?

Emily spends the evening creeping around the Hamptons in her super stealthly disguise (aka, a hoodie). All that subterfuge is hard work, so afterwards she pops in at Jack’s to visit Jack and Nolan. They exchange a couple of pleasantries, but most importantly, some lusting looks. Emily is team Jack all the way. But can you blame her?



The episode closes with Emily reliving a childhood memory of Victoria sneaking into her house to visit her Dad. And the plot thickens. Aren’t you hooked?! Clearly you are, because Revenge just got picked up for a full season. You should have seen the celebration that took place in the YKYLF staff room. There was moderately-priced champagne and everything!