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This week’s episodes:
2 Broke Girls – “And the Rich People Problems”
New Girl – No episode this week! Where my Zooey at? Come back soon.


This week on 2 Broke Girls, the blond one had a dental emergency. First, they tried going to a sketchy dental clinic, but then they decided to sneak into her old penthouse to pick up her bite guard (this plotline was JUST AS THRILLING AS IT SOUNDS). Sub-plot: The colourful ethnic stereotypes they work with at the diner have a variety of opinions about the installation of a karaoke machine. (SCINTILLATING!) Why aren’t there any hot guys on this show? Seriously.

So, let’s meet our 2 broke girls. The melancholy one with the hipster glasses I assume is the poor one, while the sassy one with the rhinestone “JEALOUS” necklace is the one who used to be rich. Right?


… sorry, what? Those aren’t the main characters of the show? They were extras in the opening sequence? My bad. I think the whole thing would be a heck of a lot more fun if they were. Spin-off potential?


OK, here are the actual stars of the show in their trademark over-accessorized waitress outfits. Blond Broke Girl is wearing eyeball-sized pearls, a jeweled belt, bracelet and let’s just assume big earrings (hidden inside of her pretty hair). Brunette Broke Girl is wearing two giant safety pins as brooches, gigantic earrings, and rings and bracelets we’ll see in the next outfit.


The costume department is working overtime to make these girls look stylish, even in the waitress outfits. However, pouring the contents of the Claire’s clearance bin on top of them is not the way to make them look stylish (or practical). However, it does make them seem like, on some level, they’re kind of the same person.


After work, Blond Broke Girl is wearing a white top and beige shorts (like she does every week). Bonus points for how she took off her shoes when she came inside – TV people never do that. However, my goodwill in this department flagged when Brunette Broke Girl strutted out in a pair of F-me boots after standing around “baking” and taking their horse for a walk. As you do. 

Also: this red polka-dot top isn’t very flattering, particularly with the black skinny jeans. Costume department fail. That being said, I think the costume peeps went overboard this week with outfit changes. They were probably excited that 9/10 of the episode was spent outside of the diner.


The Broke Girls changed their outfits to make a trip to the dentist. Blond Broke Girl (whose clothes are apparently only beige and white) puts on a white mini and this kind of interesting beige leather coat (while keeping on the eyeball pearls). Brunette Broke Girl puts on some sort of concert tee with a cute blazer and scarf. 


This look on the Brunette is my pick for outfit of the week, I think (if Hipster Glasses isn’t in the running… her outfit was kind of cute).


So anyway. The Broke Girls wind up in the Blond one’s former closet:

Yeah, nice try guys. I have seen Sutton’s Closet of Dreams. This isn’t even as good as Siobhan’s Murder Closet. Although, the shoe rotisserie (“The Ferris Heel”) is a nice touch. Still, out of all of the ginormous closets I’ve seen this fall TV season, Blond Broke Girl’s is a distant third.


Between the dentist’s office and the closet, they both changed again (slightly). Blond Broke Girl kept the cute leather jacket and eyeball pearls, but is now in a second pair of beige shorts. Brunette Broke Girl kept the blazer, but put on a grey vest top. Why didn’t they keep the dentist office outfits? Costume people going crazy with the freedom! “Only one scene in waitress uniforms this week WHEEEEE!”


So, they pick up the bite guard (I’m sure you were all worried about that) and then realize that they can sell some of these clothes for cash. But how to get them back to Brooklyn? Wear everything all at once!

I’m not gonna lie. I like the Philip Treacy-like hat that the Brunette one is wearing. I also like the continuity that just about everything they’re wearing is beige – clearly from the Blond’s closet. (*Note: the amount of jewellery isn’t that different from what they were wearing in the first scene.)


So, I think my feelings about this episode can be mostly summed up by The Girl in the Hipster Glasses:


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