Episode Synopsis: Mama Mercer finds out Laurel lost her v-card to Justin…cue the tension in the house! Ted has a “friendly” chat with Justin about it, who then feels a wee bit uncomfortable being around Laurel’s family. Meanwhile in Vegas, Sutton’s act doesn’t fool Lexi, who figures out who she is as soon as she steps into the car. No matter, Sutton won’t be in Sin City for long – she decides to head home after hearing her birth mother has escaped from the mental institution. In a similar vein, Emma has some heart-to-hearts with her fake family and also decides to split (and Ethan says he’ll go with her!)


Emma hangs around the house doing homework in a chic pleated blouse, tailored black shorts, and high heels. As you do.


Real Sutton may not have access to her Magic Closet, but she still pulls together a tank top that falls perfectly on her slender shoulders and a necklace that’s ideal for the neckline.


So, I was reading last week’s recap and decided that fellow YKYLF staffer Steph was dead-on in her assessment of Lexi as an Aria/Vanessa hybrid. Seen here: her feather earring, multiple necklaces, and crochet top. Pretty soon she’ll be sleeping with her English teacher and capturing everything with a camera. Oh wait…she’s doing the camera bit already. Next stop, Brooklyn!


Usually I’m all for a contrasting belt, but in this case, it pushes this stylish dress (with a fab back) into flower girl territory.


Mads’ dress is so… Jersey Shore. A tight, one-strap, gray leopard dress? That’s too many adjectives for one dress. The good thing is that it’s flattering. North of her neck, she stays sophisticated with ladylike hoops and a bun.


My new obsession is braids. French, fishtail, long, messy…you name it. And can we talk about Laurel’s fresh summer dress? She might be a woman now, but her look says sweet 16 and never been kissed!


Props to Sutton for making her own dress! Who knew she had the skills? And here I thought all she could do was shop. As for Lexi, she confuses me. Girl is all boho and fun with the accessories and she’s got the attention-grabbing hair…and yet she wants to keep a low profile?


Emma may have grown up with clothes that were less than fab, but clearly the sense of style is a hereditary trait. The color of her blouse is gorgeous against her skin, and really works with the white pants. As for the shoes, I wouldn’t have known what to pair with this outfit, but Emma hits it out of the park with these grey wedges.


Speaking of hereditary style skills…like mother, like daughter! Charlotte’s…romper? Dress? I’m not sure what it is, but I like it. Her mama looks equally amazing in her all-blue ensemble. I usually don’t go for monochromatic outfits and accessories, but I’ll make an exception this once.


Casino night! Sutton’s dressed to wow her new crush. I personally feel the red fur is a bit much, but I guess Casino boy is into it, judging by the way he rigged her game. Lexi looks like she’d rather run home, and think I know why. Although the pieces of her outfit are great on their own, together they clash. Between the silver necklace vs. the golden brooch and the leather jacket vs. the silk top, I hardly know where to start. Talk about a bust!


Oh, hey…FIRST APPEARANCE OF A GUY IN THIS POST! There really hasn’t been much excitement in the adult section of the wardrobe during this episode, and none from the guys, either. I mean, suits and plaid? It’s the same on every. single. tv show. They seriously have to stop this trend…

On the other hand, Emma’s top is lovely. Deception, identity-swapping, and criminal element aside, I want her life, if only for her simple and effortless look. Seems like a reasonable deal, right?


I’m not entirely sure Char should be wearing this in school. Does that make me sound old and crochety? Same thing with Mads, although I covet her beaded top and leather bag. The Lying Game wardrobe team is killing with the accessories!


I’m going to assume Sutton got this pairing from Lexi’s mom’s closet, because there didn’t seem to be anything like it in the box of Emma’s clothes. Seeing a trend with the white pants and wedges? Lexi also brings the cute with the touch of crochet at the back of her top. No wonder she got asked out three times before lunch!

One more episode left before the fall finale. In case you hadn’t heard, The Lying Game got picked up for a full season! Congrats, guys!