Serena is totally a snoozefest in this episode. She is back on the UES and appears to have herself together (job, happy relationship with her family, combed hair, and her private parts safely tucked away). BORING.

The floral dress and tan blazer seem so demure. Did she secretly go to finishing school while she was out in L.A.? Even the eggplant leather purse screams lady-who-lunches.


Oh wait, never mind. That horrible layered jewelry would have her kicked out of etiquette class faster than you can say “salad fork.” Her necklace explosion makes me miss Vanessa. I actually think Serena is wearing four different necklaces. Is Eric Damon besties with a bead maker?


I am relieved that Serena brought Chivy back from L.A. with her! Charlie/Ivy seemed to be suffering from a horrible internal struggle – I am beginning to think that she really is bipolar. Her ensemble does a great job of illustrating her conflict as it is the fashion equivalent of a mullet – business on the top and party down below.


It appears that Ivy was hired by Carol to pretend to be Charlie in order to gain access to Charlie’s trust fund. This fraud has me confused. Where is the real Charlie? How does no one in the family recognize that Ivy is an actress who was hired to play Charlie?

Fearing discovery, Chivy decided to leave town but not before she was tricked into being a model at the Jenny Packham show. Serena even left the Chivster a note telling her to “Live Her Dreams.” I suspect that Serena is interning for Hallmark or a motivational poster company.


I am impressed with Rufus in this episode! I love that he was able to finagle a reduction in Lily’s house arrest sentence. In addition to charming lawyers, Rufus looks like he is hitting the gym and going to some yoga classes. He looks long, lean, and lithe. Although he is about 500 calories away from a Leann Rimesesque eating disorder controversy.


Thank goodness that Lily was released early from her house arrest. The UES was missing its style and charm. She is way too amazing to be spending her days playing Angry Birds. Her aquamarine accessories are incredible with her blonde coif and neutral colored reading glasses. Even her nails are manicured in a perfect ballet pink. Judging by her expertly arched brows and neat nails, I am suspecting that Lily has an esthetician on call.

Quick side note: Check out the full on Rufus/ Lily make out photo that is framed in the background.


I adore this white and blue tailored shirt dress. The pleating and buckle detailing lend a menswear feel and provide a nice foil to the feminine material. I must have Halloween on the brain. The larger blue pattern seems to look like a marine colored candy corn.


Across town, a spruced up Nate looked all business as he started his new internship at The Standard. The job requirements include fetching coffee, making copies, and providing non-stop action for Elizabeth Hurley/ Diana. For those of you who are applying for a job in the sex trade, it appears that you need to be dressed in business formal. Nate looks stunning in his grey pinstripe suit, white windowpane plaid shirt, and royal blue tie.


Sorry Liz, but Nate’s slicked back hair really isn’t doing much for me. Apparently Ms. Hurley felt differently because she actually fired her whole staff so that she could have a little midday nookie with Nate. This fitted Marios Schwab white dress has her feeling spicy. The dress also includes a directional line so that Nate knows where he should grope.


And what about this look that she wore to her party? A tight flesh tone one shoulder cocktail dress! She might as well be naked. Poor Nate doesn’t stand a chance.


It’s even worse than I thought. The dress has ruching which will highlight her curves and hug her body. Yikes!


I am mad at Liz Hurley. I can’t believe that she used her sex kitten wiles to trick Nate into exposing a marital scandal. The poor Senator- he is stuck walking around in a boring ensemble and was embarrassed in front of his wife. Don’t you hate when your Greek Island mistress vacation gets discussed? Disaster. Well at least he isn’t Ashton Kutcher.

It’s getting Murdoch in here. What kind of a party requires people to check their cell phones? That would never happen in real life! More importantly, I cannot believe that Nate actually went along with breaking into the phones to look for secrets. Only disaster will come from this.


Rufus looks like a hot husband with this narrow grey suit and dark solid color shirt. He is seriously turning into a stud. Is he planning to model in the fashion show too?


Lily looks upset in this photo. She might be worried that Rufus has upstaged her with his mad stud skillz. Fear not Lil, your classic upswept hair and little black dress are gorgeous. The lace detailing and cinched waist are a feminine breath of fresh air. So wipe the sour puss look off your face and get ready to watch a familial squabble.


Enter Carol, Charlie’s momma and Ivy’s employer. It is obvious that Carol was denied access to the trust fund. The shapeless black frock and Pocahontas-like necklace have me guessing that Carol has been trolling the bargain bins. Oy.


I am in love with this beautiful Jenny Packham gown worn by Chivy in the fashion show. The color and embellishments are dreamy. She looks stunning. This is exactly the type of dress that would make me decide to blackmail my employer/mother into letting me live on the UES and drain a trust fund. Chivy obviously agrees.