The paternity test results are in, and the father is … Louis. Maybe. We think. Blair hid the paternity test results and it’s kind of not totally clear who the father is, because this is Blair we’re talking about and why would she tell the truth when being shifty can make her life implode so much more easily? Dan is busy finally taking credit for his book, convicing Blair to open the paternity test and giving Chuck a dog so he can feel again. Yes, really. It works, so Chuck has a dog now. He has yet to dress Monky in matching scarves, but I’m holding out hope. Elizabeth Hurley has apparently hired Nate to – and I quote – “make [her] scream,” so basically Nate’s kind of a hooker now. Oh, Charlie blackmails Carol in an attempt at making me care about her plot.

Party du Jour
The Jenny Packham fashion show, which features a Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants-esque dress that fits both Serena and Charlie.

Best Line 
Dorota, on her own pregnancy: “I must say, best part of pregnancy is knowing who father is.”

Best Outfit
Even in an episode with a fashion show, the title goes to Chuck’s checked jacket, red tie, anjd maroon slacks. So glad he’s moving away from a staid suit these days.

Elizabeth Hurley in yet another skintight dress, this time with a line looping over and under her chest, just in case you missed them.

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