Here’s what you missed on Glee: We finally got to see a bit more of his Mike Chang’s character (more, please!) as he struggles to balance grades, football, parents and dancing. Meanwhile, Brittany S. Pierce, Kurt, and Rachel battle for class president, while Rachel and Mercedes battle for the role of Maria. Mercedes decided not to hide her light under a bushel this week: she gave up the part of Maria and a verbal bitchslap of Mr. Schue got her the boot from New Directions (good thing there’s another glee club). And we finally got an idea about why Emma is OCD.

Song of the Night: It was fun to see Mike Chang sing “Stay Cool”, but I’m giving this one to Mercedes for killing it on “Spotlight” and “It’s All Over”. 

Brittany Bon Mots: In Brittany’s world, there’s a “magical poop stealing water chair”. 

Best Bieste moment: Bieste was a riot this week. While talking “bramble patches” was amusing, she scored points with me for “I haven’t been this torn since I had to sell one of my prize donkeys for gas money. I sold Khloe, but kept Kim.”

Melodramatic Rachel Solo: Out Solo’d! Rachel made her best Rachel face on “Out Here on My Own” from Fame, but even she knew Mercedes was better.

Outfit of the Week: How do I choose? Kurt and Blaine in bowties? Rachel’s purple mod dress? Tina in shapeless colour? Mercedes in a killer black satin number? Oh heck, let’s give it to Brittany for somehow making a leather mini-skirt and sporty thigh highs work in a dance routine.

Tracksuit count: 1


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