Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side is usually good for a main dish of drama, with a side of gossip and betrayal.  This year is no exception, with Blair and Eleanor graciously (or not so graciously) welcoming Cyrus to the family; Nate becoming re-embroiled with the Captain’s legal woes, and even worse, Vanessa again; Jenny embracing a choppier haircut, more eyeliner than Joan Jett and legal emancipation from plaid shirts and Humphreys; and finally, Lily, Serena and Eric discovering that Bart’s protective nature comes with baggage in the form of extensive dossiers.

Each recap, I wonder if describing Nate’s wrinkled school uniform . . .

and blue-of-every-shade attire . . .

. . .is really worth the time. And then I really look at him, and I remember why I do it.  Of course, both of these outfits would be significantly improved if he was wearing a few less layers–or no layers at all.  Unfortunately, gratuitous shirtlessness doesn’t really work in November in New York.

Nate and his mother Anne are still struggling with their depleted financial situation after the Captain skipped out of town and out of any familial responsibility. This does not mean that Anne Archibald can look anything less than fabulous, though.

Lovely camel coat, and I love the structured bag with orange and gold accents.  Even her hair looks perfectly done, although it’s likely she did it instead of Elizabeth Arden.


When your husband returns home after an extensive absence in Dominca, it’s inadvisable to abandon your flawless outerwear only to reveal this lumpy, unflattering gray plaid dress.  The fit is off, with the bodice and waistline bunching unpleasantly in several places, giving poor Anne a sad and pathetic vibe.  Definitely not fabulous, my dear.

As for the Captain, he returns from Dominica–which is a location I’ve never even heard of before the advent of Gossip Girl–definitely looking like a man on the run.

At least like a man who steals (borrows) from his son’s closet.  I swear we’ve seen Nate wear this exact same sweater, except of course, he wore it in blue.

After the Captain works his illegal money-grubbing magic, extracting blackmail money out of the Van der Bilts, he manages to dress a whole lot snazzier.

Love the blue pin-striped suit jacket paired with the deep red polo-collared shirt.

With the Captain back in town, and the FBI hot on his trail, Nate has a major decision in front of him. Unfortunately it’s not whether he should start dressing more like Chuck Bass.

On second thought, could anyone else have that je ne sais quoi that Chuck employs so dangerously? The fit of his jacket is simply superb and the color coordination between his shirt and tie is flawless.

Basically, Nate couldn’t be Chuck even if he wanted to be…

…because being groomed by high-priced Asian prostitutes and lounging around in silk paisley robes are two occupations that only Chuck Bass can sufficiently pull off.

Add in sublime styling that an Archibald could never grasp.

A Fall look perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.  I love the pop of bold color he adds with the red tie, and the how it works even with the muted brown and tan of the rest of his ensemble.  Season 2 was the heyday of Dandy Chuck, and I intend to enjoy every second.  Join me?

Vanessa is the incongruous partner in the plan to convince Nate to turn the Captain into the FBI.  Incongruous becuase even though Nate isn’t spectacularly dressed like Chuck, at least the clothes he wears aren’t on par with a national disaster.

If a flood does come, Vanessa will be the first to drown because of all that jewelry she’s lugging around with her.  The red blouse isn’t so bad on its own, but naturally she’s paired it with two necklaces, a bangle, long dangling earrings, and two rings, one which covers nearly her entire finger.  Also, that purple eyeshadow is just plain ugly.

Even for someone notorious for wearing a vastly differing array of brightly colored patterns and prints, this is really, really bad.  I think there might be a smattering of orange on the print of the garment Vanessa’s wearing under her orange peacoat, but other than that, she might have dressed in the dark.  The green plastic earrings really class up her outfit, which is important since it’s a major holiday.  I don’t know where that scarf came into play, it looks like she grabbed it off a homeless person on the street corner.

The one positive note is that her hair looks better than it has in awhile.

Once inside, the orange peacoat comes off, and we all wish that Vanessa had kept it on.  The print of that dress is beyond ugly, and of course, she has to pair it with more wooden beads and a necklace inspired by Lord of the Rings.