Shelby Corcoran makes her return to Ohio when Sugar Motta basically buys her own glee club and hires Shelby as the director.  As annoying as Sugar is, she does have some cute clothes. You can hardly go wrong with a navy blazer.  

I’ve always liked pairing tan with a dark evergreen—it’s so fall.  Except, we could do without the white shirt tied at her navel. 


Knowing that Sugar’s a lost cause, Shelby focuses on her baby and her wardrobe.  Well, more so her baby because she must have forgotten that she wore purple the day before.  And the day before that. But at least they’re all great outfits.  Especially that deep mulberry dress she wears when she sings her duet with Rachel.  Gorgeous.


And, to her credit, she does mix things up with a very nice dark teal blouse and pencil skirt.  Very profesh.  Or perhaps Beth spat up on everything else?


Now, who would have thought a year ago that Puck would be better company for an infant than Quinn?  Takes one to know one, I guess.   Obviously, his shirt isn’t exciting, but is it just me or does his mohawk look really fake?   


While Puck’s off making nice with his daughter, Sue enlists Quinn to star in her smear campaign against the arts.  I am really loving her hot pink suit, though.    

Okay, everyone, I figured it out.  Quinn and Tina totally switched places over the summer.  Or closets.  Because first all the colorful dresses on Tina and now the uniform black gothic wear on Quinn?  Coincidence?  


Fortunately, there was a breakthrough.  Talk about a one-eighty.  It’s literally a night and day difference.  Not my favorite dress (it’s a bit too Little House on the Prairie for me) but a vast, huge, massive improvement. And she looks adorable with short hair!  


Fine, so it wasn’t a real breakthrough because we find out that Quinn got it into her head that she’s going to get full custody of Beth.  I’m sorry, excuse me?  That has to be the most harebrained idea ever.  But I guess that’s what happens when you smoke cornstarch in a pipe.