The LA crowd: Serena is an assistant’s assistant, Nate is shagging Elizabeth Hurley, and Chuck is acting like Bella from Twilight that time she wanted to die so she could see Edward. In NY, Louis refuses to stand up to his mother, which would normally be the plot of a bad romcom but instead just flips Blair’s crazy-switch. Of course, that could also be the hormones, because Blair is with child. Is it a Bass, a Humphrey, spawn of the boring prince, or immaculate conception? We may never know (or we’ll know by next week).

Party du Jour
A little tricky since the crew’s on two coasts. Nate and Serena went to a very Entourage party, but the real dress-up occasion was Blair’s plan to crash a UN speech.

Best Line
Blair: “Aren’t you done out there? Los Angeles is a plastic surgery layover, not somewhere you live.”

Best Outfit
I loved Blair’s floral strapless “royal apology” dress, but her UN dress was a lovely cut on her (albeit a strange, strange print).

Serena’s first work outfit. As a former office PA, I can tell you that a skirt with a very high slit in the front is not conducive to fixing the copier that has decided to eat the day’s rewrites.



Your YKYLF GG editor (me, Amanda!) will be back for the full recap on Thursday, complete with Vegas-style odds for Blair’s baby dady.