Episode Synopsis: Emma continues to live Sutton’s life, but finding it harder to distance herself from her ‘borrowed life’. Especially with Ethan, who breaks up with Sutton to date Emma, only to let Emma’s name slip when arguing with Char. Sutton, with the help of Ther, finds Annie Hobbs, but in true PLL/Lying Game fashion, someone grabs her from behind before anything happens. In other news, the parents continue to be shady, even though Kristin suspects Justin is hiding something as well. Surprise! He’s a runaway living in a foreclosed home and eating chinese takeout. But Laurel still loves him. And looks amazingly cute while doing so. Eduardo leaves town, and then gets into a car crash, two events that lead Mads to think that her dad is hiding something big.


Laurel is becoming one of my favourite characters. Not only is she sassy, but she knows how to work cheetah print. Props. And that nightie? Adorable. The lace overlay top and multicoloured ruffled top I could normally do without, but I love them on her.


Char and Mads step it up in the dance-wear department, though Mads’ outfit is more appropriate for a yoga class, Char’s sheer wrap-around skirt and leg-warmers more than make up for it. Wait – didn’t Char stop attending classes because she wasn’t deemed worthy enough for the recital? What’s going to happen to said recital now that Eduardo’s gone? Does Mads have a never-ending supply of American Apparel? So many questions…


But golf claps to Char for losing the rhinestone buckle on her swimsuit. You can’t tell in this picture, but she lost the pearl earrings too. Maybe she’s trying out for swimming now that ballet didn’t work out?


I hate that Derek, Char’s love interest, isn’t really interested at all, because he’s a good influence on her. Goodbye politician’s wife, hello, attendee of illegal street races.


And Mads! Wee-est little lollipop, please don’t go down the dark, frightening, horrifying route that is Vanessa Abrams’ jewellery compulsion. A necklace is fine. A necklace and ring is fine. I’ll even accept the bracelet – ring – necklace combo, though not in the same shade of turquoise that you seem to favour. Necklace, ring, beaded bracelet, bangles, and (not pictured) earrings? I hope you’re not going on a boat anytime soon.


It appears Sutton didn’t pack anything from Sutton’s Closet of Dreams – all we see her in lately is simple tanks and tees. Though it appears there’s a bit of role-reversal between the Twins, Sutton hasn’t gone so far as to wear an embroidered denim jacket.

Don’t look so glum, Sutton! With the way things are going I’m sure you’ll be back to terrorizing freshman and wearing glitter during the day in no time. Ther’s not back simply to scare Emma, is he?

Speaking of daytime glitter, Emma has slowly assumed her twin’s style (not difficult when you’re shopping out of Sutton’s closet) and adopted daytime sequin/glitter.


And that scalloped blouse! With red skirt! Emma, you’re growing up and leaving embroidered jean jackets behind. *tear*.


Don’t have the praise for Momma Mercer, though. The flawy, see-through dress/top looks like something Mad Men‘s Peggy Olsen would wear to bed.

With the cliffhanger-y ending of this episode (someone grabs Sutton! Ther’s back! Char thinks Ethan’s cheating with someone named ‘Emma’!), I can’t wait till next week’s Lying Game!