Episode Synopsis: Emma and Sutton’s psychic twin connection helps Emma remember the fire she and her mother were caught in – and, as a result, leads Sutton to the house Emma and her mother lived in. Emma’s mother was kind of enough to sign the ceiling, so we have a name: Annie Bell. Meanwhile, Mads is rejected by Eduardo (such soapy names!), Nisha manipulates Char, and Sutton’s dad is definitely hiding a deep dark past. But the episode really belongs to Laurel, who goes out with the cute but sketchy Justin, nearly learns the truth about Sutton and Emma, and tells her parents she staged the great laptop robbery. Oh, and she looks super cute while doing it, because Laurel is awesome.


I’m kicking this off with Laurel, because it’s about time she stepped out of Sutton’s shadow.

“Hey, who’s this beautiful girl” so not the first thing out of a dad’s mouth when he sees that hemline. But he’s right, she’s absolutely gorgeous (and so adorable). Per usual, her hair looks amazing. I keep waiting for the reveal that Laurel was adopted as well, from this town called Rosewood.

Remember that time on Gossip Girl when Blair started dressing like a candidate’s wife? That national nightmare is long over, but Char has decided to pick up the slack.

I don’t know why, but I hate the flowery blouse/shorts combination, especially on Char. On Emma it looks put together, on Char it just seems fussy.


Let’s play a game of “Who Wore It Best?

Char wore her leotard to swim laps in her pool of sorrow and loneliness. On Char, it has a really great retro feel. Of course, she kept her giant pearl earrings in, which probably created a lot of drag, so she loses points for over-accessorizing.


As for Mads … oh, Mads. As was mentioned last week, our wee-est little lollipop makes some ill-advised choices when it comes to ballet class. This is a wildly inappropriate leotard. It may shock you to learn that it came from American Apparel (as did Nisha’s ballet outfit).

Winner: Char. Definitely Char.


Btw, Mads? The dress you wore to school is way, way more ballerina than that Dov Charney original.


Round two: Emerald Dress Showdown

Is there a requirement that every week one girl must wear a formless, wildly unflattering dress? Do all the actresses draw straws for cute wardrobes? Because Mads definitely drew the short straw on this one.

Laurel, on the other hand, hits it out of the park with this dress. Yes, the giant purse is yet another example of the show’s ongoing curse of ugly handbags, but she looks so fresh and springy that I’ll let it slide.

Winner: Laurel.


Clearly, the backhand wasn’t the only thing Sutton didn’t inherit from Mrs. Mercer. Why does Sutton’s mom insist on wearing dolman sleeved tops? Are those sparkly orthopedic sandals? Lilly van der Woodsen needs to stage an intervention and teach Mrs. Mercer the ways of the Chic TV Mom.


I love the bold colors Nisha’s been wearing, especially the tangerine dress (although the cut doesn’t seem ideal). I don’t particularly care about Nisha’s history with Sutton or Emma making things right with Nisha, mostly because I love a character who meddles for the sake of just being horrible and amusing herself. Nisha could be such a wonderful Georgina Sparks.


And, of course, the eye candy. Ethan didn’t bother to step up his game for his court date, but he still managed to look hot in a stained shirt. Laurel’s new boy Justin gives me the creeps (he’s a mix of Jonathan from Buffy and Ted Lascher, except blonde). Plus, his date outfit felt very 90s school dance, I think because of the short-sleeved shirt.


The twins were definitely the weakest sartorial links this week.

Emma, you have access to a closet that rivals the great Cher Horowitz’s closet. The shorts and bathing suits are even hung up. There is no excuse for this week’s choices. If you continue down this path, you will lose awesome closet access and all contents will be divided among the YKYLF staff.


As for Sutton…


She’s gone native. Sutton has obviously be en spending a little too much time in Los Angeles – her hair’s getting messy, and she’s dressing … well, like I do.

Sutton Mercer, the least you can do while searching for your birth mother is look fabulous. Even Veronica Mars managed to have cute hair, and she didn’t have a reputation to uphold.