Amanda: Oh my god, you guys. This season of GG already holds so much promise…for snark.

Lesley-Anne: Gah! It burns my eyes! (I could maybe work with the pants…maybe…if she wasn’t pairing them with a top I’d wear to bed and hooker heels).

Amanda: They remind me of the pants that ate Paris from last season’s premiere.

Steph: I guess every season premiere must include wide-legged, high-waisted pants. Must be some sort of quota.

L-A: The pants that ate Paris still give me bad dreams. I thought nothing could look that unflattering on Leighton. Clearly I was wrong.

Jen: Are we looking at Leighton or Blair?

Kate: I’m thinking it’s Ms Meester, because there’s no way in hell Dorota would allow Mees Blair to leave the house like that.

Amanda: No, I think it is Mees Blair. There’s a giant engagement ring, plus the bow on her purse exactly matches her pants. I need to maybe get a hobby, huh?

Jen: So, has living with Prince & Company become so arduous that Blair had the style beaten out of her?

L-A: Prince Louis is as dull as dishwater, maybe it’s rubbing off on her and any zest for life/fashion Blair once had.

Ann: I would wear those pants, but that’s not a good thing. Usually what Blair wears, I think, “I’d wear that… if I weighed 90 pounds and had a professional stylist.” But those pants? I’d throw on for a trip to the grocery store

Steph: With a windbreaker.

Ann: And pray no one sees me.

Kate: sigh Oh, Blair. Let’s hope this is a temporary hiccup.

Gossip Girl season 5 (FIVE, you guys!) premieres September 26th. Read our mini recaps on Tuesdays and our full recaps on Thursdays. Thanks Just Jared for the pic!