Episode Synopsis: Sutton tracks down ‘Ruth’, only to learn that she isn’t her birth mother, just someone paid for her name. While tracking down her real birth mother, Sutton discovers the family whom Emma was supposed to live with – the LA version of the Mercers. Meanwhile, the Mercers (and everyone else) are continuing to believe in fake!Sutton (aka Emma), and finding that she’s more tolerable than real!Sutton. Thanks to Emma, Laurel gets a date, Ted and Kristin grow closer to their daughter (who isn’t really their daughter). Also, Mads kisses her ballet instructor, Ther’s apartment is broken into, Sutton tells Ethan she loves him, and Emma begins to fall for Ethan herself.


In a nutshell: This show is every bit as creepy (and crazy) as Pretty Little Liars. Because this show is aptly named ‘The Lying Game’, let’s play a game. Spot the difference…

1) …between PLL and The Lying Game. Both have male cast members solely for the gratuitous male shirtlessness factor. And to cause drama between the girls, of course.

 Because let’s face it, without gratuitous male shiftlessness, they wouldn’t appear on the blog. Why?
Because this is what we’d see – plaid, polos, V-necks, and Marine Ts.


2) …between Emma and Sutton. It must be a twin thing, because even miles apart, they dress alike.

exhibit A) color-blocking. I’m not sure which is more shocking, the fact that Sutton owns a romper (not so surprised Emma chose to wear it), or that she is dressed so casually this episode. (it must be something in the LA air?)

exhibit B) patterns. After last episode’s lack of patterns and abundance of brights, Emma wore a total of three (!!) patterned dresses this episode. Unfortunately, all three were lacklustre. Kind of like Sutton’s patterned tank.


3) …between the Mercer’s home and the Webster’s. Despite the obvious architectural/design differences, both girls (should have) grown up in a similar position. Wonder if Emma would’ve turned out like Sutton if she grew up with the Websters.


4) …between the Mercer sisters’ sartorial choices. No doubt they both have the same only-in-our-dreams wardrobes, but I’d declare Laurel the better dresser of the two. (Well, better than Emma, at least.) Especially loved her denim dress this episode.


5) …between the minions of Gossip Girl and the minions of The Lying Game.

They’re better dressed and don’t go overboard (or even close) on matching. Char’s violet dress was stunning; I especially loved the back. And Mads’ sequinned tank top was just the perfect thing to seduce her ballet instructor.

But they don’t have good taste in accessories, whereas the minions of GG have fantastic bags and headbands. Usually. I don’t know where to begin with Char’s blue faux python bag (maybe ick?), and am more than surprised at her copycat Birkin (if you’re so inclined, it’s available online here).

Much like the minions of GG, they know how to dress impractically (remember the ridiculous field hockey outfits?).

Not only is Mads’ ballet technique not up to par, but her practice outfits (lace crop top?) don’t set the barre for an amazing performance (terrible pun intended). And Char? Girlfriend may have a pretty smile and awesome hair, but there’s no getting a guy in that bikini. I know there are bikinis meant solely for sun-tanning, not swimming; but this one seems to be meant solely for nighttime pool parities (a new category?). Not only would the sun reflect off those rhinestones and possibly start a fire, the lack of bright sunshine tones down the red-and-pink leopard print.


And lastly, spot the difference…
6) …between the creepiness of A and the creepiness of the photo of Emma and Sutton’s birth mother. Was I the only one slightly skeeved by the photoshopped head? (I’m assuming they haven’t cast the girls’ mother yet, and had to digitally create a person.)


Can’t wait for next week’s Lying Game – more intrigue, more secrets, and hopefully more drool-worthy outfits?