Plot-type info: Emma acts like a decent person, which makes everybody suspicious of “Sutton.” Laurel becomes suspicious of Emma-as-Sutton and drops a hint about “the lying games,” Real!Sutton is in L.A. with Mads’ brother, Mads’ Dad is responsible for stealing Sutton’s laptop, and the sparks are flying between Emma and Ethan. Oh, and Sutton’s Mom answers Emma’s phone and is now suspicious about who Travis is.


Much like the early episodes of Pretty Little Liars, episode 2 of The Lying Game gave us a lot of recap-info and character-explanation to catch up new viewers. Luckily, the gimmick of Emma impersonating Sutton gave her good reason to ask a lot of questions – such as what are the lying games, and what the heck is she wearing?

In case everyone forgot, this week’s episode began with a wide shot of Sutton’s INSANE walk-in closet. And out of all of those gorgeous clothes, Emma chose this hot pink potato sack dress? Really?


Girlfriend really likes her bright colours and no patterns. She also wears this expression on her face for most of the episode when she realizes how awful her twin really is. Every time she did something decent – apologize, stick up for her friends, suggest someone be honest – people reacted with surprise bordering on shock.


Oh, and then she wore this to go practice dancing with hottie Ethan in the field. Why? She had to learn the traditional Father-Daughter dance. Why does Ethan know this dance? Sutton taught him. Why did Sutton teach him? …?


Never mind, did someone say hottie Ethan?

I seriously didn’t know the character’s name until I looked it up after watching the show. I’m not great at remembering names, and so I saved this image as “Hottie01” which is kind of what he looks like. Like the laboratory result of combining Dan from GG, Caleb from PLL, and both of the brothers from Supernatural. With the wardrobe styling of True Blood. The plaid shirt shows that he’s “working-class.”


I’m not sure if there’s something Ezria-ish about Mads’ relationship with this ballet teacher guy, or if he just wanted to pas-de-deux her because she’s the lightest in the class and easiest to lift. Seriously. Mads is like the wee-est little lollipop on TV at the moment.


… with the most questionable taste on this show, so far. Is that a necklace? Or a leather string? Or some kind of feather necktie?


Ooh, and her Dad is that guy from Heroes! And he’s pretty much completely evil!


True story: this look reminds me of how I took some of my old clothes to a teen consignment store this week, and was told they looked “too grown-up.” To which I present Exhibit A: Char, failed ballerina and total sweetheart. Last week she needed a beige intervention, and this week she’s dressed like a Grandmother from the 1940s. Also: her stage mother is terrible.


Party! Regrettably, this week’s occasion was a Father-Daughter Dance in which all of the show’s Dads seemed far too invested. Sutton/Emma’s Dad was like, obsessed with dancing with her (and ignoring her cute sister Laurel). If Real!Sutton is such a monster, why would she have put up with doing this dance year after year? And why would her Dad want her to? And don’t any of these people have anywhere better to be?

So anyway, from L-R, we have Sutton’s Creepy Dad, Emma-posing-as-Sutton in her trademark brightly colored mini, Char looking beige, Evil Mads Dad, wee little lollipop Mads, and Laurel wearing the cutest dress of the week!


Also? Nikolas Cassadine is on this show! I just wanted to mention this, in case you weren’t sure if it was worth tuning in or not.


Keep it up, Lying Game…we’ll be tuning in next week!