Jen: Blake Lively’s orange dress at the Teen Choice Awards. Discuss.

Ann: She looks cute, apart from the Courtney Stodden-esque pouty face. Blake’s really started dressing a lot better since the whole nude photos scandal. See, you forgot about it, didn’t you? Because she’s been so tasteful since?

L-A: Golf claps to her publicist and stylist for making folks forget the nude. This is surprisingly tasteful.

Amanda: There are so many things I want to like, but it just isn’t quite working for me. I think the fabric is just too stiff for summer, the color is just too orange for her skin, and something about the whole look reminds me of a flight attendant’s uniform for Air Oompa Loompa….

Carla: Or a stylish pumpkin.

Amanda: …and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I almost wish it were lower cut or shorter (OR, Blake. Or. One or the other).

L-A: That’s the trouble. Blake is literally all or nothing when it comes to her choice in dresses.

Ann: Did you guys notice her hair is brushed? I don’t think she’s had such tidy hair since the Traveling Pants days.

Jen: Her hair does look glorious. As for the dress, it has a strange sheen, and the top reminds me of a superhero’s costume.

Amanda: Wait, that dress is leather? It’s just gone up five points on my wrongness scale for that one.

Carla: Why does she manage to look beautiful in an outfit that isn’t her best?

Jen: Because the universe is unfair. Also, because she is a superhero.