Jen: Did you guys see? Elizabeth Hurley is going to be on Gossip Girl this season, playing a “sexy, smart, self-made media mogul” (Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran’s words).

Bella: In other words, Nate’s becoming a gigolo for cougars again…

Lesley-Anne: That storyline has been there, done that and got the t-shirt that says, “Nate dated an older lady and all I got was this lousy storyline and a character that disappeared after five episodes.”

Jen: Let’s count the cougars. There was “Lady” Catherine…

Bella: Epperly is a quasi-cougar.

Kate: The TA at Yale wasn’t a cougar, but she was older than dear Nathaniel.

L-A: What about the southern gal? She was older than Nate too, wasn’t she?

Jen: You mean Bree Buckley? I think she might have been the same age.

L-A: It’s getting to the point where I have no idea how old anyone is.

Ann: The entire cast looks about 30 — parents, kids, siblings, whoever.

Jen: True. The only age-appropriate actors are mini-Serena and mini-Blair.

Ann: This casting seems really weird to me, like, how do they expect Liz Hurley to usher in a new demographic? Maybe she’ll be somebody’s mom?

Kate: YES! I want her to be a long lost relative.

Bella: Isn’t that even more incentive for these people to sleep with each other?