Jen: You guys, I’m totally pumped for the new season of Entourage! It starts tomorrow and—

Ann: Bleh.

Jen: What? What’s wrong?

Ann: If you were wondering why I have never watched this show, and never will watch this show, please refer to the image above. I like my guys non-shiny and without that glassy look in their eye.

Jen: Kevin Dillon is definitely Blue Steelin’ it up. I’ll give you that.

L-A: Adrian Grenier’s eyes never cease to unsettle me.

Really? I think they’re purty. Also, I will note that Jerry Ferrara is sporting a new physique. I guess Turtle’s…lost his shell?


Are they on a sinking ship? Is that why they’re all leaning and looking a little annoyed to be there?

Well, Poor Adrian has to lean like that so he can fit in the frame with the rest of the vertically challenged cast.

I suppose. At any rate, props to Mark Wahlberg for being the only one to shave before attending this event.

There does seem to be some sort of facial hair requirement, doesn’t there?

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