Jen: We need to talk about Leighton and Kate’s outfits in Monte Carlo.

Ann: Are we still talking about this movie?

Jen: I can’t help it. I’m sort of obsessed with Lesley-Anne and Anthony’s Monte Carlo review.

Bella: Katie Cassidy is radiant. So glad to see her out of the million of shades of taupe they made her wear on GG!

Alyson: OMG, I didn’t even recognize our Taupe Queen!

Bella: Leighton, on the other hand, looks a bit wan and washed out. Cute belt, though!

Alyson: I love the vintage feel of Leighton’s ensemble, but I agree that somehow it’s not quite… right. Maybe a pinker shade of blush would look better?

Amanda: If they redyed that dress, it would be perfect for a Roman Holiday dream sequence in Gossip Girl (ideally starring a love interest more engaging than the Prince).

Bella: Chuck’s reckless driving saved that entire scene from Louis-related monotony. Does Leighton hook up with a prince in Monte Carlo too, or just another accented amore?

Alyson: I saw the movie-

Jen: That was brave.

Alyson: -and she gets tangled up with an Australian surfer and goes all beachy.

Ann: Ew. Blair would not approve.

Amanda: Blair would also not approve of dressing like a washed-out housewife.

Ann: True. Let’s hope she doesn’t see this movie, then.