Geez. Where were you guys when we were doing our survey about post length?? We’ll assume galvanting in Paris with your bestie or staging your own mini-musical in Central Park.

When we did the survey, the overwhelming majority said our recaps were too long, so we tweeked it on an experimental basis. And…you hated it. Ok, so it’s back to the old way, with a slight caveat – our writers reserve the right to lump anything truly boring, such as PLL Emily’s V-neck t-shirts, or the many plaid shirts of Bon Temps. We won’t do another grid like we did for 2×01 of PLL, though.

In other news, please like us on Facebook. There are tens of thousands of you reading this, but we have less than 200 fans on FB, which makes us frowny, and that causes wrinkles. Lily van der Woodsen does not have wrinkles, and it is our goal in life to be like her.