Jen: We have to talk about the dress Blake wore to the Green Lantern premiere.

Lesley-Anne: It’s a good pick if her goal was to make everyone forget we’ve seen all the goods on the interwebs…

Jen: She is quite covered, indeed.

Carla: Well I think it’s stunning. It suits her, and hugs her in a very flattering way. Good choice with the color as well.

Amanda: Yes, that virginal white lace and daisies reinforce her innocent, America’s sweetheart, that-wasn’t-me-in-those-pictures image.

Jen: Reader Renee said the bottom reminds her of Grandma’s sheers.

Carla: But without the sheers it would be typical Serena vdW length, and thus exactly like so many other things Blake Lively wears.

Bethany: See, I just assumed she ripped half of the lining as she exited the limo. Pretending it’s supposed to look that way doesn’t work in real life.

Amanda: You mean Mentos lied?