The time has come… The YKYLF intern Research Team has laboriously pored over many, many recaps in an effort to count how many tracksuits Sue wore in the second half of season 2 of Glee. (We’re operating under the assumption that if YKYLF didn’t recap it, it doesn’t exist. A fair assumption, right?) The result?

Twenty-six. Sue wore 26 tracksuits.

We are truly impressed by her committment to coordinating sportwear. Indeed, these staggering statistics will no doubt forever change how we think of tracksuits. No longer is it the sole property of minivan mamas (snug velour to show off hours of pilates) or mafia wiseguys (baggy polyester to hide the heat). When we think “tracksuit” we now think of a far more diabolical sort – the Cheerios coach hell-bent on school/world domination.

Should you wish to get sporty like Sue, purchase her trademark Adidas tracksuits here. For authenticity points, take it out of the New Direction’s budget. You may wish to buy several, in a variety of color combinations.