Despite all the many good reasons they broke up in the season one finale, Dan and Serena are back together again, delirious with joy and many public displays of affection.

Say what you will about her, but Serena definitely knows how to dress in the summer heat.

Just a simple pair of jeans but she adds a chic blue and yellow striped tank, accessorized with a gold chain.

This next jeans outfit is even better.

Love the pale citron shade of this silky tank, and the pseudo-necklace neckline–it’s extremely flattering, and Serena pairs it with just a simple silver studded cuff.

Oh, and this awesome beige bag.

For Blair’s party, she doesn’t quite nail it.  Maybe if she’d gone in jeans, she would have looked better.

This dress is the opposite of a Monet–it’s perfectly fine in the details, but a big mess from far away. Does that make it a Seurat?

The honeycomb beige and cream pattern looks good on her, as does the halter cut, but the strange choker neckline, paired with the too-tight white belt takes it a whole other direction. Nevermind that the belt with it’s obvious branding is well . . .just a little too obvious.  Plus it gives her a rather strange pregnancy pouch.

On the upside, her hair is wavy, sleek and looks lovely.

As usual, Dan, typically a rather creative person, is the most uncreative person in the world when he puts clothes on in the morning.

This looks like something Nate might have in his closet.  Not exactly a resounding compliment.

I do like the gray formal vest paired with this baby blue shirt.  A tiny bit of improvement for Dour Dan?

Nope, because he’s back to this uber borig combo of striped shirt and brown blazer for the party that night. Dan, it wasn’t just Serena who had high hopes for you.

The best part of the episode (besides, of course, the Blair and Chuck pitch-black makeout session), is the Mini Minions, as I have dubbed them.  Dan and Serena are on a walk, debating whether they should actually discuss all the reasons they broke up in the first place.  Just as they’ve decided that no, it’s so much better to live in the dark, they are accosted by the Mini Minions.

They’re like a lower school version of the Constance Mean Girls.  The pink plaid shorts and argyle sweater paired with pearls and a bowed headband is so Blair, six years ago.  Middle Minion could be Penelope–that would explain her penchant for ill-fitting, ill-patterned clothes.  Oh, and the unfortunately-matched headband.  And of course, the Minion on the right could only be Serena.  Scarf headband, boho blouse, paired with an dreamcatcher necklace that only Vanessa could love.

Naturally, the Serena Mini Minion is the only one who supports her doppelganger–the rest rightly tell Dan to run for his life away from the Hurricane Serena.