Hola, dear readers. YKYLF now has a blog. That might be confusing, because perhaps you thought that YKYLF was a blog. Well, we sort of started out that way, but have grown to much more. Thanks to you, we’re one of the most popular Gossip Girl/Glee/Pretty Little Liars/Vampire Diaries/snarky fashion recap blogs out there. Also, we’re the only one. No matter, we’ve had a great year, and there’s more in the works…

What’s coming?
1) A slight site redesign. Not as dramatic as the one in January.
2) New shows. Taking suggestions!
3) Shorter recaps. Probably. Maybe. Ok, we’re looking for feedback on this matter.
4) Movie recaps
5) “Trend Digest”, a weekly roundup of style, snark, and other frivolity. You know, as juxtaposition to the serious and somber parts of this web site.
6) Character recaps. Season 4 Serena is our first victim.
…most of this material will be placed here on the blog, hence the reason for its creation.

What’s staying?
Gossip Girl
Pretty Little Liars (starts this Tuesday!)
Vampire Diaries…?

What do you think?
What do you like about YKYLF? What could be improved? Leave your feedback in the comments below. Kisses, loveyoumeanit!