We all know that singing does not win a glee club the Nationals title…fashion does! OK no, not really. In fact, not sharing a passionate kiss on stage is what wins you Nationals.

Nice work, Finchel.


If Nationals were judged solely on the fashion, it would have been hard to come up with a winner. Sure, these white dresses are nice…

…but not if you’re going to be getting’ down to Usher. It was just wrong.


Meanwhile, the Vocal Adrenaline dresses were a bit too Toddlers in Tiaras for my taste.


The dresses the girls in New Directions wore were gorgeous, but the big problem (you know, other than that kiss) was footwear. I think Quinn picked it out.

Black grandma shoes and ankle socks? Really? I did a quick Google Images search for “dancing shoes”, and nowhere did I see this. It’s really time for the Glee costume department to get over this supposed trend and buy some real damn shoes.

See? Pretty from the shins up. Little House on the Prairie from the ankles down.


At least the boys looked good.

The shoes, the ties, the insane look of excitement on Kurt’s face…all perfect.


Unfortunately, our beloved New Directions only scored twelfth place at Nationals. You could blame the kiss, you could blame the choir’s lack of preparation and focus, you could blame the original songs…I’m choosing to blame the shoes.

It’s been fun, folks! See you next season!