Outside of the main love stories, the New Directions kids were looking hot in New York City.

I love how colorful everyone is. Mercedes is rocking the purple, Brittany looks delightful in her green jacket and blue hat, and Santana looks smokin’ hot in her green dress and yellow cropped jacket. And Artie…well, we just won’t talk about Artie. Instead, let’s look at Santana again.

Smokin’. Hot.


I wish New York had inspired Lauren to do something a little different, but she’s still dressing in far too many layers.

Lauren looks much better in dresses, she should wear them more often. But hey, look! New York, the city known for housing people who love to wear black, even inspired Tina to throw on a color.

Sure, it’s a little shapeless. But it’s green!


The only questionable one here is Quinn. While the ankle boots she insists on wearing are less horrific than usual, the jacket appears to be made of plastic orange trash bags.

Oh man, it still smells like garbage, doesn’t it? Poor Quinn. At least the dress itself was super pretty.


Later, Santana and Brittany helped Quinn overcome an emotional meltdown by suggesting a haircut. Major missed opportunity there – had they suggested some therapeutic shoe shopping, they might have been able to convince her to buy something other than ankle boots.

Love all the outfits there. Especially Brittany’s possum scarf.


But let’s get real – the whole Get a Haircut So You Can Get Over Finn! thing was just an excuse to introduce us to Dianna Agron’s awesome new bob. I didn’t think it was possible, but she looks even prettier.

So. Damn. Pretty. (That’s a shot of Dianna Agron from her blog, as proof of how great the haircut is.)


Brittany had some great style moments in New York as well. I loved this outfit.

I hate that high-waisted pants are a trend, because almost no one looks good in them. But if I had a butt like Brittany’s, I’d probably be rocking them too. I love the suspenders and the scarf.


Brittany’s songwriting outfit wasn’t as desirable, but still one of those completely unique Brittany S. Pierce looks. It takes a special girl to pull off short-shorts, boots and two pairs of socks.


Unfortunately, no one else in the glee club seemed to up their style for the big Nationals trip. Here are Tina, Mercedes and Mike, all looking very…ordinary.

Mike looks kind of cute in his vest and t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, but Tina? Why does she insist on dressing like Wednesday Addams? Where do you even find something that ugly?


The rest of the boys also delivered more of the same. An ugly sweater vest for Artie, a ratty-looking hoodie for Finn.


With Kurt obviously taking first place by a landslide, Mike is the second best dressed dude in glee club.

I mean, he has on a tie. Look at what Puck wore.

A T-shirt and jeans! Oh no, I might die from shock. I’m so used to seeing him in a tux.


Samesies for Sam, but we’ve already deemed that he gets a pass since all his clothes came from Finn.


I wish the boys had dressed up in matching suits when they went to serenade Rachel and Finn, but instead they wore their normal clothes.


After facing a crushing defeat at Nationals, the gang returned to Ohio. As you can see by the voodoo doll she’s holding, Santana was angriest of all.

Of course, Brittany managed to talk some sense into her. Who can’t be charmed by a girl wearing that bizarre combination of prints? Of course, I was even happier to discover that Brittany was actually wearing a jumpsuit of sorts.

Everyone looks good here, except for Quinn’s feet.