New Directions traveled to New York for Nationals, but they hadn’t even written their original songs for the competition yet. Finn asked Rachel out on a big romantic NYC date, but she wouldn’t kiss him because she wants to move to New York after graduation next year with Kurt and Blaine. Schue told the kids he’s not moving to New York to be on Broadway, Quinn got a haircut and Rachel made up with Sunshine. Everyone performed well at Nationals, but Finn kissed Rachel on stage and it lost them the competition. They returned to Ohio with a twelfth place trophy, but that’s OK because Kurt and Blaine said “I love you”, Rachel and Finn got back together and Mercedes and Sam are secretly dating. Besides, they can always win Nationals next year. And that’s what you missed on Glee!


Let’s face it – the Glee kids may have been at Nationals, but the season finale was all about the romantic entanglements. Especially on-again/off-again couple Rachel and Finn.

I absolutely adore the first outfit Rachel wore in New York. The striped coat, sadly, is vintage which means it will never end up in my closet. But I do own the very same yellow wedge shoes she wore, and I’m in love with them.


It was the perfect outfit for a wannabe starlet to wear in New York – bright, fun and adorable. Underneath the coat she wore a basic top and skirt, but I love how the outfit looks paired with the red tights. Finn, however, was not really dressed to impress.


Really, Finn? Plaid again? Luckily, the boy stepped it up to take Rachel on a super-romantic classic New York City rom-com date. The tie is a bit skinny for my taste, but the kid cleans up well.


Rachel looked beautiful for the date as well, in a gauzy romantic dress with a cute bow belt.


At dinner, Rachel added a gorgeous fur stole to her look. Not many high school students could pull that off.

She looked lovely to meet her idol, though. I couldn’t get a good look at the blue dress Rachel had on back at the hotel, but it looked pretty.


Rachel had more than one guy vying for her heart while she was in New York, though. Jesse St. Jerk showed up as well. Here he is, being a jerk.

[ed.note: More like Jesse St. Dreamy. xo. l-a]


Nice skinny scarf, Jesse. Not. Look, I’m sure Jonathan Groff is very nice, and he has lovely hair. But I hate this character. The thing is, neither Finn nor Jesse are really meant to share a future with Rachel. No, that honor goes to Kurt. I can totally see Rachel, Kurt and Blaine all sharing a tiny apartment in New York, studying theater and trying to make it. I mean, as romantic as Rachel’s New York date with Finn was, it didn’t even come close to matching the chemistry of her Gay Best Friend date with Kurt. First, he surprised her in bed.


Some people thought this was creepy. I thought it was adorable. How could you find someone wearing those shoes to be creepy? Rachel and Kurt had breakfast at Tiffany’s, and then snuck into the theater where Wicked was playing and belted out a classic Rachel/Kurt duet. Sorry Finn, but Rachel and Kurt have more chemistry together in their little fingers than you.

I love how both Rachel and Kurt looked on their outing. Her dress was fantastic. And thank goodness Kurt stepped it up, because earlier in the episode I was worried that the New York air has messed with his fashion sense. I mean, what was this?


When Tina is dressed better than Kurt, you know there’s a problem. But for realsies, Tina, good job on wearing more than one color. Now wipe that frown off your face. Kurt also donned this weird, brown number while he was in New York.

I’m sorry, what? What is that? Are you a boy scout? Did you come to New York prepared? What is going on?


Luckily, Kurt got some fashion sense knocked back into him before he returned home to his one true love, Blaine.

Mint pants and a pea coat? That’s the Kurt I know and love. Not so sure about the shoes, though. As for Blaine, it’s always nice to see him in something other than a Dalton Academy uniform, and he looked dashing. And even if Kurt and Blaine hadn’t looked so cute, seeing my favorite couple say “I love you” for the first time would have been enough to make me squeal.


While Kurt and Blaine were confessing their love for one another, another romance was brewing. A secret romance!

Squeal! While I wished both Sam and Mercedes had dressed a little more formally for their secret coffee date, I am delighted to learn of their romance. At least Mercedes was rocking some zebra-striped jeans. Sam looks like he just came from the gym, but he’s homeless so he gets a pass. Plus, they’re holding hands! Squeal some more!


The kids weren’t the only ones caught up in romantic entanglements during Nationals – Mr. Schue was too. He was stuck in a love triangle with the glamour of the stage and the love of his job. Here he is, looking like a tourist in NYC.


Then he hit the stage to get a feel for what life would be like as the male lead in Cross Rhodes.

Oh come on, that’s the face of a star if I’ve ever seen one. The shirt is kind of whatevs, though.


Later, Schue met up with his nemesis. He should have worn something more intimidating.

We learned a lesson in this scene. It’s that evil choir directors wear stiff looking leather jackets, and nice ones wear light blue shirts.


Schue changed into a more disheveled look to tell his kids that he wasn’t going to stay in New York and do Broadway.

Not much to see there, folks. Just a plaid shirt and a wrinkled looking blazer. Luckily, Schue cleaned up well for Nationals.

I’m not sure what I love more – how handsome he looks in his suit, or the ridiculous facial expressions on both Schue and Kurt. No, actually I’m sure – the facial expressions are better.


Once back in Ohio, Schue was still dressing to impress in a classic shirt/tie/sweater combo. He turned his back on Broadway and has been reunited with his real love, Emma. The worst thing about the season finale was that we were deprived of Emma Pillsbury and her fantastic fashions. (Seriously, shouldn’t she have come along to New York as a female chaperone? She could have prevented that pillow fight.) In the one shot we got of her, you couldn’t even really see what she was wearing. I feel cheated.