All right, Mr. Schue and Emma aren’t, as the category would suggest, delicious. But it was this or Everlasting Gobstopper so let’s pretend, at least until the end of the post, that “scrumdiddlyumptious” is Wonka-speak for “miscellaneous” or “couple that should quit their lollygagging and get together already.”  

 In a rare departure from his vests, Mr. Schue pulls a tailored brown blazer out of hiding.  Nicely done.


I guess after-hours Mr. Schue doesn’t vest it up.  This is the most casual I’ve ever seen him and I can’t say that I’m not a fan.  That shade of green is a great color on him and he totally matches Emma, who’s helping him pack.  Cute.


At first glance, I loved Emma’s ensemble, especially her skirt and belt.  But upon further inspection, something just wasn’t sitting well with me.  I don’t know if it’s the garden on her cardigan, or that the cardigan is tucked into her skirt or that there’s also a collar infringing upon the garden’s plot, but it all of a sudden struck me as a bit on the busy side. 


Oh, there’s a vest!  Phew, I thought we were going to go a whole hour without seeing one and I’d have to throw my Glee drinking game out the window.  Shot!


Oh my, he does clean up well in a dark suit, doesn’t he? 


I’m inclined to disagree with the white on white combination, but for some reason, I’m actually okay with it.  It may be just because I like his tie. 


I love this outfit for the sheer sentimentality of it.  It was unbelievably sweet of Emma to save the vest Mr. Schue wore when he first met her and wear it for him and I really like that she paired it with a bright turquoise skirt—such a great color on her! 


Who knew you could make one of his vests look so good?