Fondness for scheming? Check.  Affinity for manipulation? Check.  Hidden good streaks? Check.  Except, instead of trying to pilfer the secret recipe for gum that will last forever (gross) or Mr. Schue’s beloved taffy, all the devious plotting at McKinley targets a show choir.  The League of Doom is short staffed, but with their new recruit, Panda Express, they continue to try and cause trouble for the New Directions.  Terri looks great in this classic trench coat—the perfect piece of outwear when embarking on a devious mission. 


Sue “lactates with rage” in this black and lime jumpsuit.


And continues to ridicule and spurn the New Directions in the following line-up:


But only for her beloved sister would she make the jump from tracksuit to pantsuit.


I still can’t quite decide how true Jesse’s intentions are for the New Directions and the fact that all of his wardrobe changes are black-centric doesn’t help.  I do like that he’s wearing a vest here.  See, Mr. Schue, you’re not alone! 


He does kick it up a notch with a black tie and matching collared shirt with zipper accents.  I like it— it makes his look more interesting. 


But, in spite of all their barbs, insults and underhandedness, our Slugworths, much like their namesake, aren’t exactly all that they seem.   In one of her rare displays of kindness and gentleness, Sue, back in her tracksuit, thanks Mr. Schue for his support, promises to stop meddling with the glee club and offers Becky captaincy on next year’s Cheerios squad. 


Terri also has a change of heart.  After plotting to reroute the glee club through Libya, she works to get the New Directions on the right flight to New York and even ups the ante by getting them first class seats.  I don’t know what looks better on Terri: good deeds or a lacey low-cut blouse with fabulously curled hair….I call it a draw.


And Jesse reveals that he still has feelings for Rachel.  He looks super macho with his black jacket, army green t-shirt and dog tags—no wonder she let him kiss her.