It’s a somber time at McKinley High School when the New Directions learn that Sue’s sister, Jean, has passed away.  And this time, not even a brightly colored array of tracksuits could hide Sue’s heartache.  Knowing what it’s like to lose someone so near and dear, Kurt and Finn help Sue sort through Jean’s belongings and, in honor of Jean’s favorite movie, organize a Willy Wonka-themed funeral.  Oh, and in a show of impeccable timing, Finn dumps Quinn in the funeral home parking lot and decides he wants Rachel back.  Too bad Jesse got there first.  In the meantime, McKinley Idol comes to town when Jesse St. James persuades Mr. Schue to hold auditions for their National’s set list’s lead vocalist.  Surprising no one, Jesse favors Rachel and doles out criticisms a la Simon Cowell to Santana, Kurt and Mercedes after their auditions.  After much hullaballoo, Mr. Schue pulls a Paula and soothes everyone’s ruffled feathers before announcing that they would—surprise—do things they way they’ve always done them: together.  And that’s what you missed on Glee!


Though they hail from Lima and not Loompaland, the New Directions, despite a brief interlude with Jesse’s undermining tendencies, know how to band together and work towards a goal.  Luckily, their goal doesn’t entail a human blueberry. As usual, Puck, Finn and Sam continue their homage to the male adolescent’s absurd fondness for t-shirts and baggy hoodies and while entirely unexciting, it’s preferable to whatever it is Artie has going on.  The fit, the colors, the short-sleeved button-up, the patterned sweater vest—wrong, all wrong.  Mike and Kurt, on the other hand, look quite dapper in their ties and sweaters.  I like that Mike’s color palette matches Tina’s but that he adds a little burst of color with the red tie and I am in love with Kurt’s matching vest and bowtie and that pop of orange.


The ladies are all over the map.  Tina apparently came from a dentist appointment by the looks of that white monstrosity atop her dress.  Santana…well, of course she would wear a strapless mini-dress to school.  Because why not, right?  Lauren and Mercedes are pretty unremarkable here.  Rachel’s striped dress is so cute and springy but those white knee-high socks border on blasphemous and it would seem, judging from the explosion of denim, that Brittany and Quinn came from a ho-down or a barn raising of some sort.

Kurt and Finn, knowing the kind of grief Sue is going through, stop by her office to drop off flowers.  Kurt seems way casual considering that he can usually be counted on to sport some kind of neck cloth but I like that they’re both matching with the stripes.


Despite Nationals looming in the near future, the New Directions decide to help organize Jean’s funeral.  The guys are, once again, pretty boring with the exception of the disaster on Artie.  Can someone please remind him that he’s only 17?

Quinn looks great here and I love her simple white dress with the black edging and belt detail.  And I can’t get over Brittany’s animal-inspired look—it’s a riot!  I love that she’s rocking snakeskin leggings and a top with a giant tiger’s face and I only wish her hair was as crazy as the rest of her outfit.  Lauren must have borrowed that flannel top from Puck’s closet, Tina is obviously not out to impress anyone, and as much as I actually like the white and spring green combo on Rachel, I can’t get over those knee highs.


Santana’s outfit reminds of something that Judy Jetson would wear if she ever decided to stray from the color pink.  I actually really like the jacket with the skirt flounce and the cinched waist but am not crazy about the red zipper accents along the sleeves and down the middle.


I’m usually Kurt’s #1 fashion fan, but I just couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on here.  Or rather, skulls and tails.  Everything is pretty spot on from the waist up with the industrial looking vest and silver patterned tie (and bless him, I do love his bouffant-esque hair!), but then I saw the pants.  I mean…what…I don’t…I can’t…why…  what happened?  Oh, and it definitely gets better.  That vest that I was totally on board with?  The back fell off.  Pull it together, Kurt!    


I really liked this toned down look on Mercedes and it was a nice switch from the orange sherbert hoodie and leopard print top.  But she does a great job of jazzing it up with the big hoop earrings and sparkly “5” necklace—random, but still great. Oh, and equally sparkly boots. 


You really can’t go wrong with a little black dress and Rachel’s is so feminine and classic.  I love deeply scooped necklines and the striped detailing at the bottom of the full skirt remind me of the wedding dress in Runaway Bride (the one that reminds Julia of a bell—that was a gorgeous dress, too).  Paired with black patent kitten heels, it was the perfect pairing of a classic dress with a classic song.


I know there are people out there who would strongly disagree with me, but I love Kurt’s big hair!  I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s awesome.  I love the exaggerated collar of his sweater and that he’s wearing another collar underneath.  He looks so put-together that I just want to shake his step-brother and show him that there’s so much more beyond his world of zip-up hoodies. 


Despite Jesse’s attempts to pit them against one another, the Glee Club comes together to support Sue at her sister’s funeral and sing “Pure Imagination” as a nod to Jean’s favorite movie.  They all cleaned up well for the occasion (Rachel’s black lace dress is my favorite—again, so simple and classic), but I was a bit surprised to see Brittany, Mercedes and Quinn wearing such bright colors and prints.  Tina even managed to divest herself of her strange gothic wear and don something much more palatable.


For the love of God, Rachel, what is it with you and white hosiery? 


It just ruins all of your cute, feminine dresses.  Quinn, though, is the picture of spring in her floral orange top and perfectly coiffed hair, while Tina continues to dress like a pilgrim.   I’m not sure what’s really going on with Mercedes and Lauren, but I’m sure there’s a mix-and-match of prints involved.   Brittany’s going strong with the animal theme but I love the giant ladybug on her top—the black knee highs and brown boots though, they’ve got to go.  And I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the cut of Santana’s jacket that screams 80s.  Can’t say I’m a huge fan, but I do really like those boots.   The boys are, again, a big, fat yawn.  Well, except for Artie’s tribal sweater vest.