What a finale, indeed. Chuck saves Blair (Nate and Raina are there too), Raina turns her father in and decides to return to Chicago. Chuck chooses Blair’s happiness over his own and gives his blessing to the Prince and Blair. Serena overcomes yet another girl who wants to be her, and spends the summer in Malibu, where she lands a job because when you’re Serena van der Woodsen, these things come out of nowhere. Charlie admits she needs to return home, but upon doing so we realize that Charlie is not Charlie, but Ivy, an imposter/thief hired by Carol. We end Season Four of Gossip Girl with a bang – a positive pregnancy test in B’s trashcan! Is it Blair’s, who is jetting off to Monaco with Louis while Nate and Chuck embark on a Lost Summer around the world? Dan gets left behind, but Rufus decides to let him and Eric use the Hamptons home (how nice of him). Vanessa leaves to study abroad, but not without leaving even more destruction in her wake. Georgina stands poised to make a triumphant return to the Upper East Side, now that Ivy has her number. We say au revoir to some guest stars and characters, but à bientôt to most – it’s going to be a long summer before Gossip Girl returns!


Nothing too conspicous/interesting about Russell’s only outfit this episode. Seems like he’s headed for orange jumpsuits, so I’m sure he’ll miss the Italian suits and patterned silk ties.


No interestingly printed coats for Nate. Nope. Poor guy.
Raina’s double-breasted coat, however, is gorgeous. I love the lemon-y mustard color, the fit, and how it manages to work with the dress, instead of against it.


Speaking of crazy, Carol may think her family’s nuts, but hiring someone to pretend they’re your daughter? That definitely fits my definition of crazy. Her outfit is a bit dark for sunny Florida, and I cringe at the thought of any mother in leggings, but it works with her overall character.


Not sure why I even bothered to get a closer shot of Vanessa’s outfit, because there’s nothing good to say about it. It’s a print (obv), has no shape, and simply isn’t flattering at all.
But she’s toned down the jewellery, so props to V!


Studying abroad, even with a scholarship, requires some extra money, apparently. In Vanessa’s case, selling your ex-best-friend’s novel without his knowledge/permission, is a way to raise that money. But enough about what she’s doing.  This was the best shot I could get of her, and you’ll recognize Vanessa because of her hair. If not the hair, then the printed top. Or giant gold bangle.


While I rather liked Headmistress Queller’s advice to Serena, I do not like her dress, which seems a bit too…stiff? Perfect for a Headmistress, though.


Anyone else think the writer of the original Gossip Girl books looks a bit like an older Serena? No? In any case, the subtle sparkle of her dress set off the lovely shape and fit.