Um. Wow. But also…ehm. Ok. Wow.

(Get it together, Jen!)

Sorry. What I meant to say was: Best GG season finale ever?

Party du Jour
We’re still at the Constance-St Jude’s Alumni shindig. Yes that’s right, dears…this episode picked up right where the last one left off. A GG first, I believe.

Best Line
I’m torn between Vanessa telling Dan to “be a great man instead of a good boy” and Georgina’s laundry list of scheme nicknames. What were your favorite zingers?

Best Outfit
With a plot like that, who noticed the clothes? But if I had to choose, I’d say Chuck’s delightfully patterened overcoat.

Georgina’s back! Russel’s in the pokey! Carol’s out to screw the family! Charlie’s actually a hired gun named Ivy! Blair’s going through with the royal wedding!

Also: Raina’s going back to Chicago, Dan’s about to publish a book whether he likes it or not, Vanessa’s off to Spain, Chuck and Nate are off to somewhere, and Serena got a Hollywood job justlikethat because things like this happen when you’re SERENA FRIGGIN VAN DER WOODSEN.

Oh, and something about a positive pregnancy test in B’s trash can?


Parting is such sweet sorrow, but Steph will see us out. Check back on Thursday for her full recap!