Katherine’s first appearance in the episode is as a figment of Damon’s imagination. She uses what may be the best line ever to draw Damon into her boudoir: she asks him to help her unknot her corset strings. She may be evil, but you have to admit – the girl’s good.


She reappears again in a gorgeous dusky periwinkle dress. Damon’s done a nice job of hallucinating a good wardrobe for her.


My favorite part is the glittery beading down the sides of the bodice – as if Nina Dobrev wasn’t tiny enough, it makes her waist look ridiculously dainty.


In real life, Katherine sticks to her usual solid top, skinny jeans and booties. Given that she can’t leave Alaric’s apartment and Klaus’s sadistic streak, I would have loved if he had given her a completely different wardrobe to wear while locked up.


The other doppelganger also sticks to her usual look – essentially, a less sexy version of what Katherine would wear. Dark fitted jeans, a navy top, and Converse. I do love her leather jacket though … again, a nice change from the standard black.


Per usual, Caroline looks adorable in her cropped jacket and skinny jeans. My only problem is her boots, which look gigantic. Whether this is because her legs are crazy skinny or because the boots are too wide, I’m not sure. Either way, it screws up an otherwise cute, delicate look.


The biggest problem I have with this episode is that I couldn’t get a single clear shot of Bonnie’s outfit. This matters only because, now that she’s an all-powerful badass, she’s starting to dress less like a daughter of the Earth and more like the rockstar that she has become. She’s still wearing a flowery top, but it’s a little more fitted and there’s no visible empire waist. Huge developments for this girl.


As always, Mayor Lockwood rocks a sexy fitted suit and an impeccable bitch face.


And of course, the biggest shocker of the episode: the return of Anna and Vicky, in the form of either ghosts or hallucinations.


I will say this: at least the afterlife has great hair stylists. Vicky’s hair is looking all kinds of amazing.

And so ends season two of The Vampire Diaries: with Stefan about to go all Angelus, Damon and Elena embroiled in sexual tension, and Jeremy hallucinating the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends.

How many months till fall again?