Episode Synopsis: Damon’s got werewolf-bite-fever, and the only thing that can cure him is more Klaus Blood. Fortunately, he has a devoted brother who is willing to binge drink blood like he’s trying to get into an undead Kappa Tau. Klaus hands over his blood for a new wingman in the form of a bloodlusting Stefan (having killed Elijah). At the Salvatore mansion, Damon’s got a death wish and a really bad case of expository flashbacks. In the end, he stumbles through town and is confused by the screening of Gone With the Wind (don’t worry, Damon, I was confused by all the period-dressed extras as well). He mistakes Elena for Katherine and bites her, but she repays him by cuddling with him in bed and kissing him. Katherine shows up for that last bit and shares her wisdom for the ages: “It’s okay to love them both. I did.

Back in Mystic Falls, Sheriff Forbes is on the hunt for a feverish Damon, and she accidentally shoots Jeremy in the chest. He dies, but thanks to Bonnie’s coalition of tempermental witches, he gets better. Of course, better is a relative term – he comes back to life, but he’s apparently brought the ghosts of girlfriends past with him.


You have to give Damon credit – up until the second half of this season, he’s avoided the siren song of emo vampiredom. I guess it’s only fair that we allow him this one little indulgence – although, if not for the super healing, the potential damage to his face could have been catastrophic.


Then again, I don’t know if I could blame him for wanting to get some color. He’s been stuck in black button downs and dark jeans for ages now; the least he can do for himself is have a nice tan.


For his trip to the Gilbert house, Damon dons a standard black leather jacket, but I do love the big utilitarian pockets – vital for a vampire on the go.


Stefan keeps it simple this episode, sticking to a grey pullover – a fitting choice, given his impending turn to the dark side.


The only thing that keeps the look interesting is that he’s wearing a grey leather jacket, rather than the Mystic Falls standard-issue black one.


However, two things about his look are really starting to get to me. One is his anime hero hair.


The other is that he and Damon apparently are sharing boots these days.


Meanwhile, Klaus has woken up naked in a field. His super-white skin is probably the closest we will ever get to having a sparkle vampire on this show.


He decides to go for modesty and swings by a local Bloomingdales for this lovely black sweater.

Klaus, if you’re going to kill off your brother, you’ll have to step up your game a bit. Elijah’s tailored suits put your sweaters and jeans to shame.


I’ve included this picture of Jeremy mostly because his posture bears a striking resemblance to that infamous picture of Bigfoot.


I don’t have any stills of Alaric’s outfit, mostly because it’s just more of the same Safari Sam gear, but it’s official: Matt Davis might be the most intentionally funny actor on the show. Behold, his drunk face.

I am so using this face whenever I’m drunk from here on out.