So here’s what you missed on Glee: Prom has finally descended upon McKinley High and the ensuing trench warfare of drama and bitterness is impressive. Mercedes doesn’t have a date, and so Rachel ropes her and Sam into going with her as a group-on-a-budget. But oops! Jesse St. James is back and he weasels his way into the group too. Finn is under pressure, Quinn is treading water, Lauren wants the crown, Puck wants his reputation back, and Artie wants Brittany back. Nobody seems to be very happy with anybody else, except Kurt and Blaine are adorable as can be, and Dave apologizes to Kurt for his past misbehaviors. BUT STOP THE PRESSES! Just when you think it can’t get any better/worse, Finn and Jesse get into a fight and subsequently kicked out of prom, and then the crowns go to…. DAVE AND KURT. In an uproar, everybody goes into hysterics, and then the glitter mics come out and ABBA is sung. Although nothing gets solved, everyone somehow manages to have a good prom? AND LOOKED GREAT?! Sheer madness, I tell you! And that’s what you missed…on Glee!


Rachel starts us off with an absolutely DARLING dress — the crisp white collar and the floppy bow are so sweet, and the blue looks fantastic on her. I like this girly style on her, but anytime her knee socks take over the outfit it’s an instant turn off. 


Later, Rachel throws on another small floral print dress, but pairs it with a black cardi and tights… more towards her usual schoolgirl style, but still pretty on her. Maybe if she had been wearing something cuter I wouldn’t have hated her duet with Jesse on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”?


No, absolutely not. Nothing could have made that duet any better. It was sheer blasphemy. (Sidenote: I had been hoping that Santana would sing “Rolling in the Deep” as an angst ballad to Brittany…. but that’s just me.)

This is also more up Rachel’s alley — navy and polka dots are classic. This works for the scene where she is trying to be Finn’s supportive friend while simultaneously trying to get his attention. Oh, Rachel, when will you learn?


Rachel’s alleged-Goodwill-purchased prom dress is surprisingly flattering. It has a ballet feel to it, both in color and material, and her elegantly complex take on a ponytail is really lovely (though I had a hard time getting a screenshot of it).


Speaking of Prom-On-A-Budget. Miss Mercedes Jones looks FIERCE in a wild purple ensemble that matches her bold personality. You go, Mercedes. Own it, girl.

THERE we go, there’s Rachel’s ponytail. Sweet, isn’t it? And Sam… dear Sam, rocking the bolo tie Springsteen style. 


Dry run of the prom dresses for Kurt’s approval! Is anyone surprised that Tina is wearing black ruffles? No? ‘Kay. Brittany is the most eclectic person when it comes to wardrobe, but we love her for it. Striped socks? Chartreuse and red with a gold glitter belt? I want her to sing Britney Spears’ “Circus” in this outfit. Kurt’s scarf is win.


Brittany rocks a butterfly-ish looking top early in the episode, but I’m not sure how I feel about the zippered white skirt with it. Lauren, queen of clashing patterns, looks a little bit more put together here with demure shades of green and her hair is curled for a change, which is really pretty on her.

Santana, ferosh as ever, wears a sessy dress with an obscured animal pattern of some kind.


Lauren’s prom dress isn’t quite navy as Kurt suggests, but more of a bolder, brighter hue; still, it’s elegant and a flattering color on her, and her hair is classic. 


As Jesse says, “The ghost of Grace Kelly.” Perfect color, perfect cut, perfect hair, perfect everything…. too bad Quinn loses the crown. Still, she’s gorgeous and doesn’t disappoint in the amount of beauty she exhibits for the biggest night of teenage life.


Santana’s gown is floor length, shapely, simple, and a stunning red that only she can pull off. The floral ruffle detail is gorgeous and elegant, and her hair looks fabulous. Boom. Well done, Santana.


Sue wears two different tracksuits this episode, and I’m surprised that the one she wears to chaperone prom in is the more boring of the two. This hot pink is actually really fun, and — gasp! — her lip color almost matches, and her eyeshadow is really flattering! What a treat, Sue!