To save Damon from his werewolf bite, Stefan agrees to go all Angelus and be Klaus’s wingman. Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes tries to kill Damon but just ends up shooting Jeremy Gilbert in the chest and having a touching moment with her daughter.

Best Leather Jacket
Stefan’s grey leather jacket was a nice change from the usual black leather favored by most vamps.

Body Count
Elijah (dagger) Random Girl (Stefan), Jeremy (GSW to the chest, but Emily Bennett saved him).

Our New Pickup Line Here at YKYLF
Asking cute boys to help us with our knotted corset strings will get them every time.

Katherine Appreciates a Good Love Triangle
“It’s okay to love them both. I did.”

OMG Moment
Sure, Elena kissing Damon was up there, but Jeremy’s “I see dead people” season-ending moment with Anna and Vicky was huge. Does this mean Aunt Jenna and Uncle John aren’t gone for good? Or Ma and Pa Gilbert? The possiblities are endless.


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