Blair is trying to convince Louis’ mother that she is a worthy princess. Unfortch, her habit of running off to talk to Chuck in secret makes Louis and his mère suspicious. Charlie finagles an invite to the Constance Billard Alumni Ball from Dan, then throws away her meds, steals Serena’s Cotillion dress (except she doesn’t), and tries to seduce Dan as “Serena” (or does she?). Uncle Jack comes to town and at first, it seems like he’s screwing Chuck over, but then in a double-cross, he kind of saves the day. Oh, and Raina finds out Russell caused the fire that killed her mother. And Russell, pissed at the Bass men’s double-cross, lures Blair onto an abandoned rooftop and… to be continued.


So, I’ve got to come clean. I’ve been perusing the recaps of this show (mainly for the fashion) but haven’t seriously sat and watched an episode of GG for longer than I’d care to admit. But I’m sure everything’s the same as last time I watched it… right?

Oh, actually, Serena looks even better than I remembered. And she spent most of the episode quite covered-up and classy-looking. Now, from reading recaps, I know this is actually quite unusual. But I think that, given what we learn about Charlie this episode, they needed to make Serena look as sane as possible.

I really did like this dress, which she spends the first half of the episode waltzing around in. It’s light and airy and not too short, and I like how she’s complimented the airy fabric with heavier necklaces and rings.


This frock is an unusual colour with an unusual cut, and half of the torso seems to be covered with about 25 brooches. But, Serena being Serena, it looks good. Kind of like a muumuu mixed with a shower curtain, but the fit is nice and, again, she’s nicely covered up. It kind of reminds me of something Lily would wear, minus the chest embellishment.


But come on with the earrings. Those are heinous earrings. Those are like JLo circa Jenny-From-The-Block-earrings. The best I can say about them is at least they’re a somewhat neutral colour. All in all, though, a nice showing from Serena this week.


(And can I say that I feel a bit ripped off to recap an episode where Serena only wears two outfits? For an episode containing two black-tie events, there was a distinct lack of costume changes.)


Now, I’m not quite sure who this Raina person is, but I thought that her two outfits were cute this week, too. Perhaps a little plain but… well… given what we see some other characters (*cough*Blair*cough*) wearing later on, I think simple and elegant is a good way to appear.


This orange dress was Jen’s pick for best outfit of the show. And I think it’s pretty, but wouldn’t have been my pick.

I like the interesting neckline (what does Raina have against dresses with two straps?), and it falls in this gorgeous, Grecian sort of way:

I wondered about how often these women are driven around in yellow cabs in these designer dresses. Wouldn’t they be more nervous of sitting on gum, or something? Or has the recession meant that they can’t use their personal limos as frequently?


Princess Sophie, however, I’m certain would never ride around in a yellow cab. You guys, I think she’s my favourite character right now. Not for the above outfit, but for what she wore to the engagement party:

Ooh la la and tres bien. LOVE the hemline, LOVE the utilitarian jacket, LOVE the clutch and LOVE LOVE LOVE the neckline:

This, Raina, is how to truly rock a one-strap neckline. This is also my pick for best outfit of the week. {Ok, you might have a point…is it too late to change my pick? – E-I-C Jen} The Princess manages to be both classy, on-trend, fashion-forward and unique all at the same time. Mais oui.

And yes, Jen. It’s too late. You made your 700-thread count bed, now lie in it.



Moving on. Eleanor also looked fabulous at the engagement party:


She’s still a fashion designer, right? Oh, yes, how could I forget VITAMINWATER PROMOTIONAL MOMENT:

On the upside, Eleanor looks good here. And is that bright pink flavour new? Sorry, sorry, I’m just having flashbacks to the VITAMINWATER martini bar from the Season 2 premiere.


Let’s all cleanse our palettes with a refreshing picture of Jack:

Yeah, I don’t know. He wore this suit the entire episode. I don’t know how to recap a bunch of guys in suits and ties, but he looks good here, I think? And he certainly was a good guy this week, saving the day with his clever double-cross.