Our boy Artie spends the episode trying to get Brittany to go to prom with him, but this is certainly not the finest of his sweater vest collection.

Definitely not the one I’d pick to serenade my crush in, Artie. But the song is super adorable.


HOWEVER, Artie kicks it up a notch with a bold red tux with a white boutonniere and CRAZY hair. Yow!


You may have glimpsed Finn’s most interesting non-prom shirt earlier in a screencap with Rachel — that rugby shirt? Yeah. It was okay. But he looks darn good in a tuxedo, and his bow tie matches Quinn’s dress perfectly. Awww. Too bad you got kicked out for fighting, Finn.


Jesse St. James… return of the resident bad boy. Although, for a hottie who apparently just dropped out of college because going to class was required (oops!) I’m not sold on the neck bandana. The graphic tee is okay, and the jacket is nice, and as always he has great hair, but that bandana… why?


Blue. Velvet. Tux. WHAT. I mean, I think it’s velvet… but… wow.


Poor Sam. Living in a motel cause your dad lost your job means you now wear Finn’s leftover clothes for the next few weeks. Maybe after Nationals you’ll get a better wardrobe? Your hair looks nice though, so don’t despair.


Gratuitous shot of the Springsteen inspired bolo tie he borrowed from his dad. Dudes note: this is what not to wear to your prom. Not if you want to impress your date.


Puck’s wardrobe, like Finn’s, has about three different combination options. The dark colors here are effective for reinforcing his bad reputation/role as a bad influence for Artie, even though he’s a candidate for prom king.


An inverted tux solidifies his image as a rebel. Black shirt, white tux. Also a trademark mohawk and a glitter mic. (YES! So many glitter mics! Not exactly rebellious, but we love them).


Let’s be honest though, folks. This episode belongs to Kurt, as far as fashion goes. He’s back at McKinley with a vengeance. Let’s talk about this SERIOUS camo bowtie and complimentary vest and shirt. BOOM!


SO FIERCE, Kurt. And he knows it.


This really interesting black and white ensemble is enough to flag him as the only gay guy at McKinley — if the Bully Whips escort wasn’t enough. I love Kurt’s hair, and I love his expression here too, it really says it all. But the black and white thing… is it a top? is it a tunic? is it a sweater?! DOES IT MATTER? No, because he looks great. Done.


Kurt’s homemade prom outfit: an homage to the Royal Wedding and the late Alexander McQueen. Kilt and jacket and boots. Ferosha coutura, in the words of Christian Siriano. He looks sassy, he looks classy, and he is himself!


Another interesting choice. There’s like, skull print pants… which I’m not sure how I feel about… and a shirt and tie and vest AND sweater. So many layers! Isn’t it May? Even in Ohio, that seems a little excessive as far as spring layering. Just saying. BUT! Kurt’s hair is really interesting; part of his bangs goes one direction, and part of it goes the other, up and back. It looks awesome without looking like he spent ages and ages on it. Good job, Kurt.


Gratuitous shot of everyone’s favorite gays. Blaine looks FLY and they look great together! YAY PROM!


As Kurt says when he accepts the crown of Prom Queen… “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton!” Amen, brother. And congratulations.


Bully Whips uniform doesn’t do much for Dave’s figure, but he looks great at prom…


…even if he looks shocked to see who his Queen is. Yikes, Dave, talk about an unexpected twist of fate! Slash… karma? Slash… dream come true? I really wish he had taken Kurt’s advice and made a difference by seizing that moment when he had it… but the season isn’t over yet.