So here’s what you missed on Glee: Best. Prom. Ever. Or so says Brittany. Based on the number of glitter mics, I might be inclined to agree. Jesse St. James made his return, Finn almost messed up prom for both Rachel and Quinn and got himself kicked out, Artie sucks at apologizing and spiking the punch, and Karofsky gets a heart. But the real moment is when Kurt gets crowned Prom Queen. I didn’t see that one coming.

Song of the Night: I can’t decide between Friday or Abba’s Dancing Queen. Let’s go with Dancing Queen.

Brittany Bon Mots: I don’t have a date, but all your dates are going to ignore you and dance with me, so all your dates are my dates.

How Sue Sees It: I’m positively horny with Glee [at the thought of Will going to Broadway].

Track suit count: 2

Melodramatic/Overwrought Rachel Solo Duet: I love me some Jesse St. James, but I’m with Twitter – not a fan of this version of Rolling in the Deep. 

Best Outfit: Brittany wins this one again with a lime green and red prom dress with red shoes. Although wearing it with striped knee socks during the dry run was my favourite.

Everyone is jealous that Alyson gets to recap prom fashions. Tune in on Friday for her full recap.