Now that I think about it, my title may not be the best representation of the what happens with the ladies in this episode. Although, when you look back, they are the ones taking care of business. As usual.


Time to add one more body to growing pile of dead characters. Later, Jules! At least you’re dying while wearing a killer denim jacket. P.S. – your hair has never looked better. Lazers!

I included this photo because they are standing in my dream apartment. Exposed brick, butcher block counter tops and Barbra Walters-esque soft lighting. Oh, by the way, this isn’t Elena – it’s Katherine. How do I know? The cleavage.



Greta also made her departure in this episode which is too bad because as far as evil witches go, she was totally hot. Maybe it’s the attitude or maybe it was the limitless supply of power but girl was working her role as Klaus’ witch for hire.



Come on! When did we ever catch Bonnie in an outfit like that? The leather, the earrings, the beads…my god the earrings. Why does television always kill my favourite characters?!?


Remember the sad faces I threw out earlier? It’s over this lady: Aunt Jenna. She looks so demure and sad but you probably would too if you were made a vampire against your will.


Funny how as soon as she was made a vampire she adopted their uniform of a fitted jacket, understated tee and tight, dark pants. At least she looks good.


There she is. Remember this face as a lesson when confronted by the possibility of becoming a legal guardian for your niece whose life has been plagued by death and sorrow. This will be your face when you’re on the brink of death. Wow that’s depressing…who remembers the Royal Wedding!??!



Switching gears to the more frilly of the ladies, it’s time for Caroline! First off, I love this coat and its ruffles at the back. Chic in the face of certain death; that’s probably a requirement of Mystic Falls residents. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found an attractive, wounded werewolf at my front door.



Caroline’s coat in full view is much more impressive. What’s ever more impressive than that is how she kept a cream coloured coat stain free after running through the woods and fending off werewolf attacks.


What were her BFFs up to while she was tending to Tyler’s wounds? Nothing serious, just trying to find a spell that would save Elena from dying (again) and attempting to kill the first vampire in existence. Apparently, working under a deadline makes Bonnie shed her usual layers.


So what does Bonnie do once she’s figured out some kind of plan? She goes all Halle Berry in the X-Men films and lays down the business for Klaus and Greta. Don’t get me wrong, I think Bonnie’s blazer is great but it’s just not as cool as Greta’s leather jacket.



But where is Elena in all of this you ask? Trapped in a ring of fire; I don’t imagine this is what Mr. Cash envisioned when he wrote the song. Nothing particularly stands out with Elena’s wardrobe, as with mostly everyone else, because it’s all utilitarian in this episode. You can hardly wear anything fashion forward when battling Klaus but at least everyone looks presentable.


I can’t imagine why there are vampire obsessed people in the world. There’s nothing sexual about this at all. NOTHING.


As I said earlier, guess who miraculously survives death? Here’s another hint: she’s wearing a purple top and is being watched over by a Salvatore brother.

Jeremy was looking pretty dapper in his funeral attire but Elena is drop dead gorgeous in this photo. Too soon? Even though she looks like she was shrink wrapped into this dress it’s totally working for her.


So what was my favourite choice for the ladies of Mystic Falls? All of their black dresses! Again, it’s sad that it took some serious deaths to get them all dressed up and fancified but I can’t help myself. Neither can Bonnie it looks like and she was so close to leaving billowy fabrics behind.



Oh my god there is only one episode left! Also, this episdoe and the last are titled after two iconic American novels by Hemingway and Faulkner respectively. What does that have to do with fashion? Nothing but who says you can’t have fun and learn. Until next time friends!