With Lily locked up in her penthouse penitentiary, Rufus appears to be breaking free from his UES ways. Although he is all buttoned up with teatime refinery, you can see the rocker wheels turning in his head.

Yes! Yes, I will wear leather! Yes, I will hangout with a band in Brooklyn! Bring me my Lucky Doc Martins! I might even wear plaid… Bahahaha!


Without Blair to woo (sad), Dan is back to his beloved henleys and hoodies. The cream henley and leather hooded jacket are a touch boring and predictable. But, I am happy to report that his chest hair is contained.

Dan has also returned to his haughty hipster agenda. This includes visiting obscure coffee shops and bookstores while discussing African tribal rituals and pierogi. Soon he will begin arguing about film noir and ironic indie bands while sipping on PBR. I liked him so much better when Blair was around to knock him down a peg.


I am not sure what I make of Charlie or her googly eyes for Dan.

She is giving me Juliet flashbacks. Just like the Beige Queen, she is a shady newcomer who wants to weasel her way in and make trouble. Instead of beige, sequined cardigans are Charlie’s kryptonite.

I think Charlie must have stopped at Cardis & Camis R Us on her way in to Manhattan. While I do love the layered look, I don’t love it enough to wear it all day everyday. Girlfriend needs a little variety. I hope there is an “Attire” section in that “How to Get A Boyfriend” book that she was reading at the coffee shop. Charlie really needs to break free from her glittery prison.


Luckily, Vanessa was lurking around in the background and popped up just in time to give Charlie some advice. Lesson #1: When attempting to woo a boy, always dress like you are attending Coachella or a Woodstock reenactment. The longer and more layered the dress, the better. If possible, burn your bra.

Clad in her most Vanessa-like floor-length gown, conniving Charlie staged a fancy dinner party in hopes of driving Dan into her arms. It was a brilliant Machiavellian maneuver. Back the train up Dan. Charlie doesn’t need UES lessons; she is doing just fine on her own.


I am thrilled that Dan decided to dress up his look with a tailored button down (chest hair included). I really think he looks clean and classic in a dress shirt. I don’t even mind the deep purple and black stripes (which is not usually a menswear palette that I like).


I can’t help but think of the movie Sabrina when I see Vanessa in this episode. In the movie, Sabrina goes abroad and then comes home looking elegant and refined. I hope that will happen to Vanessa…. Either that or I want her luggage to get stolen so that she is forced to buy chic new clothes and bling.

Truth be told, she actually looks really good here. **Checks sky for flying pigs.** The simple sunny yellow sweater looks lovely when paired with her understated top and jewelry.

Dare I say it? Vanessa is wearing a good outfit.

No wonder Charlie is wearing a sweater. Hell has frozen over.