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So here’s what you missed on Glee:  Sue gets the rumor mill rolling when she decides to revive the school newspaper, turning the Glee kids into a bunch of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys wannabes.  Convinced there is something going on between Quinn and Sam (or Sam and Kurt), Rachel and Finn go on multiple stakeouts, only to later find out Sam’s family had fallen on hard times (in a very dramatic scene, after which everyone felt like jerks).  Rachel is determined to sing a duet with Finn at Nationals, but Quinn firmly puts her foot down and squashes that dream.  Artie and Brittany break up and Brittany wants to ask Santana to prom on her new internet show, Fondue for Two, but unfortunately, Santana stands her up.  And April Rhodes comes back (!) to try and woo Will to join her on Broadway.  Will he be able to leave the kids to fulfill his lifelong dream?  And that’s what you missed on Glee!


This episode was jam packed full of outfits – some good, some bad – seriously, it seemed like every two seconds they were all changing outfits!  It made me wonder if 1.  The kids actually go to class.  2.  Do they have their own personal closets at school?  And 3.  Where in the world do they find those hideous sweaters Artie wears? 

I was super excited to see April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) return, she’s so full of energy and interesting outfits.  Take this one for example.  I love this short strapless dress with a cherry on top!  It fits her perfectly, and the neck scarf adds such charm.  And her red handbag is a perfect accessory. 


This outfit kind of reminds me of something a southern housewife would wear.  Not that I’ve ever seen one in real life, but I’m kind of picturing Ashley Judd from Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  It’s super cute, and I like how she’s making good use of her handkerchief from earlier.  It’s totes the perfect ensemble for seducing Will.


April has the ability to wear outfits, that on other women would look a little… how do I put this nicely?  Less than classy.  But on her look pretty darn fab.  This white pinstripe suit with gold chain belt is a perfect example.  It fits her so well, even if it reminds me of an outfit that Milicent Torkelson (anyone remember The Torkelsons?!) would wear – except that hers would be denim. 


This blue ball gown looks stunning on April.  I even love the oversized, starched bow – which looks very similar to the hat Princess Beatrice wore to the Royal Wedding. 

And look at those shoes.  Us tiny gals got to keep it real in 5 inch heels, no matter how difficult it may be to walk in them. 


Showing off more of her Southern charm in this form-fitting, flowered print sun dress.  April, no matter what type of fruit or flower you’re wearing, you’re always totally adorbs.


Is anyone else over Quinn’s annoying attitude like I am?  I’ve really had quite enough of her.  But I haven’t had enough of her wardrobe and she was my favorite dressed gal this week.   Just as long as I can’t see her shoes. 

This is a nicely put together outfit.  It’s hard to tell but I like the cut of her skirt – tight on top with a slight ruffle flair on the bottom. 


I think this was my favorite outfit Quinn wore, for all of .5 seconds, this week.  Thank goodness I can’t see her shoes though because I know they would ruin it for me.  The blush color is so flattering on her, and I love the draped fit.  And I adore the ruffle collar.


This is literally the next scene and Quinn has managed to completely change her outfit and her hair.  Impressive, I must say.  I am a huge fan of this navy and white striped tie sweater.  I would like to go home and magically find it in my closet.  It’s a perfect match to her form-fitting, white, half-zip dress.  She looks like she’s ready for a day at sea.


I do actually like this dress, I like the pattern and the fact that it ends above her knees.  She looks super cute, especially with her side twist in her hair.  But just wait for it….


She pairs this dress with her rough and tough worker boots.  WHY?!  I just don’t get it.  And this is not the first time.  She’s in love with these boots and she seems to pair them with every single outfit she wears.  I just feel that for someone running for prom queen, she would try to dress a little more dainty.  She claims everyone will vote for her because they want to be like her.  Well Quinn Fabray, there is no one at McKinley High who would want to be like you if it means having to wear those on their feet.

Not that Brittany is doing any better in the leg and footwear department.  White sheer knee highs, with black knee high socks over top, and ugly black boots?  I’m sorry, but not even Brittany S Pierce can pull off that look. 

I pretty much love anything with polka dots on them, and Quinn seems to wear them a lot.  I like this sheer cream colored dress a lot.  I think it may be my second fav outfit, and another piece of clothing I’d like to have appear in my closet.  Her hair looks especially wonderful as well.  But my favorite part about this ensemble?  Her bitch face.  Not even Santana can rival this face.

 Speaking of Santana, she’s seemed to have misplaced part of her shirt.  She should go find that material and sew it back on as quickly as possible.

On Fondue for Two,  Mercedes asks “Is this really what they were doing in the 70s?”   I ask, “Is this really what they were wearing in the 70s?”  I wouldn’t know since I wasn’t even close to being around, but I’ll just say, I’m glad I wasn’t.  I can’t even tell if this is an extremely light wash denim one-piece pantsuit, or an extremely thin linen in a weird light blue color.  And the belt.  My poor eyes!  Britt?  MC-Hammer called, he wants his clothes back.  (OK, I know he’s a decade away from the 70s, but just look at that outfit!) 


OK this is better.  Britt looks like she stepped right off the Newsies (love that movie!) set with this paperboy denim hat and press badge.  I love her jacket and cream colored dress.  This was my favorite Brittany outfit. 


Ahh Brittany’s evil squirrel sweater.  So I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of it, to be honest I think it’s a huge waste of material and would never wear it.  I actually can’t even believe it’s sold at Anthropologie.  But it’s Brittany, and she’s recently been going through a shirts-with-animals-on-them phase, so why not wear a cardigan with an evil squirrel? 


Yeeeeeee-Haw!  Grab your partner, do-si-do, return that outfit to the store.  Please. I beg of you.  This is just such a don’t, I can’t even begin.  And to make it worse, I hate, hate, hate shirts with bell bottom sleeves, and especially when they’re 3/4 length. 


Santana is there to console Britt after Artie gives her the old heave-ho.  Thankfully she looks respectable in this coral blouse.  Sometimes I don’t like this type of cut on small girls, but it doesn’t swallow her.  And I love her thin headband.

Unfortunately, I can’t respect Britt in this outfit.  I think tying your shirt up like that went out with the 90s. 


I think Santana’s shirt had a Brittany moment and got way confused.  It doesn’t quite know if it wants to be a one shoulder shirt or not.  Or maybe the seamstress just ran out of material, which could very well be the case, especially when you see the back.  It’s very unfortunate because she needs the other sleeve.  Otherwise, it just looks really awkward.  Santana, I know you can do better than this!  I will give her props for the extra long necklace, I am fond of it.

 Brittany’s dress does nothing for me, it’s just meh.  Other than the plunging neckline, it does nothing to flatter her figure.  And I hate the sleeves, that tight at the wrists (or ankles) but billowy everywhere else look will never win me over.  Unless you’re dressing up as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie for Halloween.

When I first saw the top half of Rachel’s outfit I hated it.  I thought, just another little kid dress with a terrible collar.  But then I saw the whole thing and I hated it just a little less.  Only because I really love the red and black plaid skirt.  If the top half were just a simple white shirt I would love this dress.


This kind of reminds me of the night sky, but I’m really loving the mauve colored tights. 


It doesn’t exactly clash, but this bright pink cardigan doesn’t exactly match her plaid dress either.  Though I’m not really sure what color would because I don’t think white or black would work.  Oh well, from staring at it for so long it’s actually grown on me and I love the dress.  It fits her splendidly.


I absolutely love this color combo on Rachel.  And I love the front ribbed design on her dress.  I think she looks super cute. And the white knee highs that she’s wearing with it don’t make me want to barf!


From certain angles I can stomach this shirt.  I’m not normally a fan of the oversized butterfly sleeves, but I don’t hate them here.  I think what throws me off is the pattern and the ugly, misplaced lace cascading down the front.  It looks like it came from an antique table cloth.

Side view = 2011                                              Front view = 1890s


I’m glad the other girls can still find something to smile and sing about while wearing these outfits. 


Does every shirt or dress that Tina owns have that extra large white collar on it?  Though, I will admit this dress is by far, one of her better ones.  Which is sad.  Mercedes’ outfit is pretty toned down for her, and I’m liking the fedora, she looks cute (well until she spits out her food!).


Sing it girl.  I like the colors and the design is pretty fun.  Let’s just pretend that she doesn’t have pastel blue jeans on OK?


Oh my gosh STOP!  Tina is wearing white!  And I don’t think it has a collar!  Unless it does and we just can’t see it because it blends into the dress.  Wow, I hate the dress, but still.  Maybe we’re moving in the right direction here. 

Rachel’s little jumper is taking us back to her kindergartner days, but she still manages to look cute.


This is such an awesomely great outfit.  Emma seriously always knows how to look so put together.  I love the color combo, and the pattern on her skirt is gorgeous.  And her bubble necklace is the perfect accessory, I love it.  This is a super swoon worthy outfit


I’m a little less enthusiastic about this outfit.  I think the weird daisy-like medallion in the front is ruining it for me. 


Well if anyone’s going to pull off dressing like David Bowie, it’s Sue.  Actually only David Bowie could pull off David Bowie, but Sue actually does it fairly well.  Can’t say that I love the look, but hey, who wouldn’t want an excuse to wear bright blue and pink face paint?


Thinking the barista was on to her, Sue changes into an Ann Coulter disguise.  It’s nice to see Sue in something other than her track suits, but I can confirm that I most definitely like her better with short hair.  But that is a very nice houndstooth jacket, even if it has shoulder pads. 


Terri may be a little crazy, but who cares when she’s wearing this awesome trench.  And I love her purse. 

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    Ok, I'm sure you writers have noticed this too– what is up with Santana's outfits? I honestly wish she would just wear her cheerios uniform everyday. She has NO consistency in her style at all and I really hate most of her outfits which is a shame because I thought she'd have tons of hot outfits like all the razor blades up in her hair haha…

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