For the most part, the gentlemen (if some of them can even be called that) of TVD are pretty standard: dark and broody. Stefan’s the one who wears the most semblance of color, really. 

An olive shirt, how intriguing!


I do like this blue combo he has during his and Elena’s nature walk. It’s reassuring somehow. It also makes his hair look lighter. Mmm. His hair.


Good ol’ Damon, though, stays in black for the whole episode. Classic jacket.


When Klaus shows up at the bar to politely threaten Damon and Alaric, he has a glimpse of red under a dark jacket, but for the most part, looks pretty ominous. Although his short haircut is nice, no?


Caroline’s boyfriend, Matt, shows up to Damon’s rescue wearing his uniform blue t-shirt from the Grill and…black corduroy maybe? I don’t know what to make of him, honestly. He is confused about life, and confusion sometimes leads to betrayal. If he loves Caro, he needs to get his act together. All I’m saying is why date that…


…when you could date THIS!? Tyler has some color, he’s rocking the neutrals and his jacket isn’t corduroy. It’s leather. A chic beige, no less. And his hair? Boom. Okay? BOOM. Tyler is fierce. And he’s loyal. He came back to make sure his mom was ok even though the other wolves told him not to. …I’m just saying.