Episode Synopsis: Elena resigns herself to death at the hands of Klaus in order for Klaus to be killed by Bonnie and the others. Elijah suggests using a resurrection elixir, but Damon puts the kebosh on it and instead FORCES ELENA TO DRINK HIS BLOOD so that she’ll go vamp if Klaus kills her. Elena and Stefan commune with nature in order to prepare for the coming sacrifice. Tyler and Jules show up to check on Tyler’s mom, and Tyler and Caroline end up being captured for the sacrifice. Damon meddles with Klaus’ master plan, Luka’s sister shows up as Klaus’ witch of choice, and somewhere in there JENNA GETS VAMPED. Oops.


Let’s start with our lovely Caroline. She wears the best jacket of the episode (as deemed by Amanda in the mini-recap) which is a little white number with a little ruffle to it in back and at the waist. Black buttons make it chic and she works it. However, her normally outstanding coiffure is somewhat lacking this time around — maybe she forgot, with all the chaos of the upcoming sacrifice?


However, her delicate earrings and perfect lashes make up for it. Sort of.


I gotta give Jenna some props for keeping her cool (more or less) and having great hair this episode. Also, this jacket’s asymmetrical zipper is cute. Sorry you end up getting vamped, Jenna… Maybe your wardrobe will improve?


When Jules shows up to retrieve Tyler from the hospital where his mom is recovering, she’s wearing — STOP THE PRESSES!!! — a denim jacket. Her hair looks great, but her role in this episode is pretty minor. Oh, Jules. You and your denim.


Katherine is rocking an uber sexy look this episode. It’s some kinda black silk blouse with pirate sleeves over a teal top with a pleated bodice for maximum cleavage. And her hair is ferosh.




Klaus’ chosen witch happens to be Luka’s sister. She looks a LOT like him, except, you know, a girl. But she’s sultry as all get out — she even sets ROCKS on fire.


Girlfriend has great hair and knows how to accessorize with drapey, multi-chain necklaces, tribal earrings, and a sweet brass tree bangle.


Oh, and did I mention? A leather jacket!

Elena honestly has amazing hair. Seriously. Also, she sports a dark brown leather jacket and a dark orchid colored shirt this week… a less powerful, more feminine alternative to her usual crimsons and maroons perhaps?