Since Glee was supersized this week, I’m adding a bonus round – a look at all the T-shirts the New Directions gang wore! After all, seeing what everyone put on their shirts was the best part of “Born This Way”. When Will first introduced the exercise (which was incredibly reminiscent of America’s Next Top Model, don’t you think?) he asked Emma to participate, but ended up being a bit disappointed.

Apparently Emma considered her red hair to be a more difficult trait to accept than her OCD. You can’t blame her, though — there is such a thing as “Kick a Ginger Day.” That can’t be easy.


The cleverest shirts were courtesy of Brittany and Puck, though.

So appropriate. Kurt’s shirt was fun, and I really like what’s been going on with his hair lately. So high fashion.


Meanwhile Rachel embraced her nose, Will embraced his butt chin (I really expected him to go with “over-gelled hair” or “can’t rap”, but this worked) and Mercedes channelled Tyra and embraced her natural hair.



The rest of the boys were pretty predictable.


After downing an anti-anxiety pill, Emma managed to own her illness. Plus she wore an adorable polka-dot skirt!



My favourite T-shirt, though, was the one Brittany made for Santana. Sure, Santana’s original T-shirt (which said “Bitch”) suited her well. And this one didn’t make much sense, since Santana is Hispanic and Brittany meant to spell lesbian. But I was glad she wore it. I just wish she’d danced with Brittany.